6 Smart Apps That Will Help You Avoid Wasting Food During Ramadan

Published May 4th, 2020 - 03:00 GMT
Smart Apps That Will Help You Avoid Wasting Food During Ramadan
Dubai Municipality estimated four billion dollars’ worth of food is wasted across the country every year. (Twitter: @OneTrafford)

Food waste during Ramadan is an everyday concern for many people who observe the month, especially that preparing too many dishes with huge portions to end up in the trash bin a few hours after breaking the fast goes against every value Ramadan stands for.

One of the main reasons food waste witnesses a spike during the month of fasting is that people prepare their meals a few hours before breaking the fast, while hunger hits them the worst, so they tend to prepare lots of food thinking they'll be able to eat after the sunset. Yet, a few minutes after breaking the fast they realize the mistake they made and the fact that the remaining delicious food is of no use to anyone.

In a 2012 report, Dubai Municipality estimated four billion dollars’ worth of food being wasted across the country every year.

Additionally, Ramadan's social gatherings are another reason food consumption soars during the month, as traditions in many countries require people to present way too many dishes, so everyone is pleased with what's on the table. Due to containment measures adopted in many countries in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic though, people who celebrate Ramadan will not be able to hold such events this year, but it's still something to rethink in the coming years.

Moreover, having a limited window of time for eating every day during Ramadan means that lots of fresh foods are at risk of going bad before they are consumed. Fruits, vegetables, and fresh meats are usually among the top items to be thrown away when cleaning the fridge.

To combat all of those behaviors, consumers need to rethink their cooking habits and commit to preparing a few dishes based on how many people will be eating it.

Luckily, technology can present some innovative solutions to help us enjoy healthy, tasty, and guilt-free food consumption.

1. Plant Jammer 


Using this application will allow you to find quick and easy plant-based recipes you can prepare with whatever items you want to use.

This can be a really good way to use up all the fresh fruits and veggies that you're afraid will go bad very soon, while keeping a healthy diet.

2. Magic Fridge

Similarly, this app presents you with grocery shopping lists based on what's missing from your fridge and helps you prepare delicious meals based on what's in your fridge.

Recipes are usually economical, healthy, and easy to make. 

3. Fridge Hero

Here comes the smart tracker that will keep a record of everything you've bought, you've cooked, and everything you still have. This tool will also help you restock ingredients you need as soon as you run out of them.

This app is also available for Android devices.

4. My Fridge Food

A dream coming true? Here you can check the boxes for everything you have in your fridge and/or pantry, and the smart tool will present you with various recipes to make meals, snacks, or even smoothies.

You can definitely count on this application to help you use all the food you shouldn't throw out.

Also available for iOS devices.

5. Fridgify

The tool, available only for Android users, will track the items you have in your fridge and alert you before an item is about to go bad, including leftovers that you're saving for later.

It also suggests quick recipes you can follow so they're well-used.

6. SuperCook

This honest companion will only need you to enter the names of ingredients you want to use wisely so it instantly offers you tasty recipes that you can easily create. SuperCook has a huge variety of recipes, both unique and irresistible.

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