6 Tips to Help You Shop Smartly During Dubai Summer Festivals

Published July 20th, 2020 - 03:00 GMT
Should You Shop in Bulk During Dubai Summer Surprises? 6 Helpful Tips to Shop Smartly
Many of us have a long list of items that they need to purchase after running out of many products during the COVID-10 lockdown. (Envato)

Now that we can finally visit malls and wander through stores and shopping isles for the first time in months, not only do we miss shopping, but many of us actually have a long list of items that they need to purchase after running out of many products during the COVID-10 lockdown.

Stores excited to resume working following months of full-closures are now announcing various deals so it encourages consumers to purchase as many items as possible, which works perfectly for individuals in need of new almost everything.

Celebrating the Dubai Summer Surprises on the 9th of July though the 29th of August, numerous stores have revealed huge offers and promotion deals so it encourages customers to purchase everything they need, and maybe more.

During the first 5 days of the summer shopping festival, administrators at Dubai shopping malls have reported a 40% spike in sales, according to Emarat Al Youm.

The Emirati paper expected sales to climb even higher by the end of July, influenced by the approaching Eid holiday and millions of workers receiving their paychecks.

But, as irresistible as it can be, should we get carried away with shopping during the sales season? 

Looking to maximize their profit, many stores will be introducing a number of deals so they entice their customers' appetite to shop in bulk, which requires much caution on consumers' part.

1. Keep an eye on your favorite stores for limited time super deals

If you need to renew your houses' furniture or purchase an entire wardrobe for your infant, it's better to wait for 12-hour or whole-day clearances, because that's when you make the best out of the shopping season.

A 20% off clearance might not be so exciting when all you need is a shirt or a purse. The more stuff you need the greater the value of the sale to you.

2. Biggest discounts are pushed to the back of the store

How many times have you read a "70% clearance" sign before you find out that the first few isles you walk by after entering a store are only 20% or 30% off? That's because most stores tend to "lure" exciting customers who might like some of the items with smaller discounts before they actually make it the biggest deals, so they buy more as they continue to browse through racks.

3. Do you really need the value deal?

While discounts on certain items can help you purchase items you really need for a lower price, value packages are designed to make you try a product you wouldn't usually buy if it wasn't for the offer. 

Value packs are smart marketing strategies that require some extra 

4. Know the return policy

In shopping festivals, we tend to get overly excited that we buy items without thoroughly thinking them, but we start to have second thoughts the second we reach home. Here comes the significance of the return policy, especially ones that grant us full refunds for items we no longer like.

5. Read expiry dates

This becomes particularly important when it comes to buying food and personal care products. If an item us expiring in six months, don't buy too much of it so you never have to throw it away.

6. Stay away from items that could go out of fashion soon

Remember that stores will prioritize the biggest discounts for products that will not be sold otherwise.

For example, if you are keen on following the latest trends, you might want to stay away from fashion pieces that are too specific to this year's style, even if they were 95% off because you will end up getting rid of it in a few weeks.

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