7 Small Businesses That Can Thrive During and Post COVID-19

Published April 16th, 2020 - 03:00 GMT
7 Small Businesses That Can Thrive During and Post COVID-19
Young entrepreneurs shouldn't wait for months or even years to feel confident enough to start their new projects. (Shutterstock)

The world is slowly reopening; as the coronavirus seems to be slowing down in some of the countries hit most, however, experts are still warning of the possibility of having another wave next autumn.


In less than three months of the global outbreak, COVID-19 has had sweeping ramifications on the world both in lives lost to the virus and in the economies facing recessions, or collapsing.

Despite the on-going medical studies and experiments conducted in hundreds of research centers worldwide, it's hard to expect the novel coronavirus phase to end unless there is an effective drug or vaccine. Both require months of experiments and production, before they are available to the masses. 

Young entrepreneurs shouldn't wait for months or even years to feel confident enough to start their new projects; they can rather use the chance to put their creative abilities and money into action for what helps the world combat the pandemic and hopefully avoid future viruses from spreading widely.

Here are some projects that have the potential to achieve success during and post the pandemic.

1. E-Wallets

More than ever, the need for digital services has been recognized amid the coronavirus outbreak. People have been looking for ways to shop for their daily needs, communicate with others, and carry out their daily work online to avoid being laid off.

E-payments tools, known as e-wallets, have earned significant importance, as more people wanted to receive, send and donate money without having to leave their houses or use banknotes that could carry the deadly virus.

2. Cleaning Products

How many of us have tried to purchase hand sanitizers and soap but couldn't find any in-stock or at a reasonable price?

The obsession over cleaning hands and surroundings will not end by the end of the coronavirus outbreak, rather most people will continue to pay special attention to buying and consuming personal hygiene and detergents.

Emerging from a world strongly traumatized by this pandemic, it will take forever for this item to not be at the top priority of shopping lists. 

To a lesser extent, face masks might continue to be in high demand, just in case a new mysterious virus threatens humanity again.

3. Quick Delivery Services

While this may have been an available option for most of the developed world, other countries have just started using regular and quick delivery services, thanks to the lockdown.

Entrepreneurs can now start introducing new, affordable, fast and advanced technological delivery options to help make this a more sustainable option.

4. Healthy Food Restaurants

The conversation revolving around healthy foods, boosting individuals' immunity system, will definitely have a long-lasting effect. 

People are increasingly interested in following a healthy diet to ensure that their bodies can fight and overcome COVID-19 and any other disease that might appear in the future. Yet, since people will soon be back to their busy daily routines, they will have very little time to cook for themselves and to prepare proper meals, so a restaurant serving such meals will sure become a favorite option for the new health-obsessed.

5. Online Gyms

Probably one of the COVID-19 perks was for people finally realizing they can follow a workout regimen without leaving their houses, especially people who are less interested in heavy workouts and are more into cardio fitness.

Online workouts and gym programs have flourished over the last few weeks; making it a regular practice for those who love to stay active at the comfort of the homes. 

6. Online Streaming Services

Netflix stocks are still going sky high despite the market crash last month and we all know why. Yet, there is always a chance for new affordable streaming services especially on regional levels, offering popular shows that are not usually Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime material.

7. MOOCs

This quarantine reminded many people that they have the chance to acquire more knowledge and to develop skills and knowledge in their fields.

Online Courses, whether massive or short ones have been on the rise especially after many online schools made their courses available to the public for free.

Again, this is a chance for regional developers and teachers to collaborate in order to establish virtual schools, that offer valuable knowledge customized for their countries or regions, in terms of both language and context.

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