Office Sweet Office: 5 Reasons Employees Long for Their Offices

Published April 14th, 2020 - 03:00 GMT
Working From Home Is All Fun Until We Realize Its New Challenges
Now when you're asked about your career life, you can answer saying: It's a WFH job. (Shutterstock)

How cool is it that working from home has finally become the norm? You no longer need to wake up hours before having to be in your office, you no longer have to dress for success, and you no longer have to go through the painful commute in the rush hour so you start your 8 hour work day.

The Internet has surely helped many businesses survive the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling millions of people to keep their jobs, deliver their target on time, and even conduct team meetings as if in the office.

Not only has working from home become easier and more accessible, but it's also gotten its own acronym. Now when you're asked about your career life, you can answer saying: It's a WFH job. 

Yes, many of us are excited about this shift in lifestyle and hoping it will become the norm even after humanity combats the novel coronavirus. Yet, many people are not that thrilled and here is why;

1. Logistics

Working from home is all fun until your computer decides it's not. 

Back when we worked from physical offices, you could easily call someone from the IT support team to come to the rescue whatever problems stood in your way. Whether it's a hardware or a software issue, you could easily be given another device to finish off your tasks before the end of the day. This is not an option if you've been WFH.

2. Undefined Working Hours

If you don't have to hand in your work at a certain hour of the day, please set yourself a time-based schedule. I know it might sound a bit limiting, but trust me it's a lifesaver.

You don't want to be overwhelmed with your tasks until the last hours of the day. Try to do your job by a certain hour every day so you get to enjoy the rest of your day. Otherwise, it will feel like you've been working all day long.

If your whole team doesn't have fixed working hours for remote work, suggest that you start one. You don't want to wait for hours until you're assigned to a certain task and not enjoying the stress-free time you deserve. 

3. Parents Are Not on Board, Unless...

This one might only be applicable to such times of quarantine when parents are working from home while having to take care of their kids. As nurseries and schools continue to be closed, parents seem to take absolutely no breaks, having to carry out their daily jobs while caring for their little ones.

As challenging as it sounds, many parents are still managing to do both tasks perfectly (Kudos) although wishing this can be over soon.

4. Living With Family

Similarly, some single people living in the family house, especially in the Middle East are having such a hard time getting their families to understand that just because they're sitting on their couches wearing PJs doesn't mean that you can join the family breakfast taking place during your online staff meeting.

It might be hard to have family members be on board with your being all alone between 9-5, but hey, everything is changing, they can change too.

5. The Too Many Breaks Trap

With minimum supervision and no deadlines, many people fail to resist the breaks temptation, so they tend to take very frequent breaks that get longer as time goes by. 

You don't want to be rushed to finish a 3-hour task at 4:30 pm, so make sure you set reasonable breaks that can help you unwind only so you're ready to be done with your daily target on time.

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