Abdali PSC unveils the largest construction site fence ever witnessed in Jordan

Published November 6th, 2006 - 05:30 GMT

On November the third, the city of Amman witnessed the unveiling of the country’s largest construction site fence, the monumental Abdali wall gracing the busy interchange on the western/eastern Shmeisani district. The wall is the largest fence ever built in Jordan and allows passers by and visitors to catch a glimpse into the unique project that will change the face of Amman, the future Downtown of Jordan.


Surrounding the Abdali Downtown project, the eye-catching fence provides Jordan with a sneak preview of the Abdali promise, allowing people to see the future urban landscape of Abdali in living color. Measuring 360 meters in length, the wall will display the most prominent features of the Abdali downtown project with images of the towers, residential buildings, the boulevard, and the central market mounted in a huge display for all to see.


The aim of the fence, as stated by Mr. Jamal Itani, CEO of Abdali Investment and Development Psc, is to “provide Jordan and the world with a manifestation of our vision, a concrete visualization of the future. It is an effort to share Jordan’s new downtown with the public and familiarize them with a project that depends on them to a great extent to come to life.” Mr. Itani further added, “The fence is the first of its kind in Jordan, and further illustrates our constant attempts to innovate and present Jordan and the world with the unique experience that is Abdali. “


The uniqueness of the fence in Jordan lies in its attempt to convey the unique lifestyle offered by the new downtown to the public, with the fence and all of what it stands for becoming a microcosm of the Abdali experience. The wall and the images form a partnership between Jordan, the populace and the rest of the world, building expectations and bringing the landmark project one step closer to realization.


Comprising an area of 350,000m2 of prime land, the Abdali development area is the largest contiguous, single-owned, vacant plot in the centre of Amman opportunely bordered by King Hussein street to the North, Nabulsi Street to the South, the existing Parliament building to the East and Queen Noor Boulevard to the West. With the state-of-the-art infrastructure and underground works completed, the Abdali project is now ready to rise up from the ground. The Abdali project will definitely turn Amman into a thriving and packed city, skyrocketing both commercially and financially. The combined potential for superior business, residential, retail, cultural, and recreational facilities promises an inspired outcome upon the realization of the new Abdali downtown in 2009, redefining and reinterpreting Amman’s every angle. It will transform the city into a paradisiacal center for outstanding commerce, foreign investment, and a place for everyone to bask in the wonders of prestigious living.


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