Corruption is causing Lebanon’s electricity problems: parliamentarian

Published August 9th, 2015 - 09:33 GMT

Lebanon’s public services fail because politicians only distribute resources among themselves and their entourages, Hezbollah’s top MP said Saturday.

"The real obstacle causing the lack of electricity distribution is the dispute over the spoils," Loyalty to Resistance bloc chief Mohammad Raad said in a ceremony in south Lebanon. “After establishing the plans and guaranteeing the funds, the spoils are divided among (political) factions and their cronies."

“Then all the plans are lost, the money disappears and everything remains the same.”

Raad said this fraudulent system was also the reason behind the garbage crisis and water shortages.

The Hezbollah MP said the core issue was that the political system does not include a process of accountability for those who commit fraud or mismanage public resources.

“We hold the ministers accountable in Parliament and in the media, but there are no courts that hold accountable the real thieves, the conspirators, the forgers and those who take bribes,” he added.

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