Crypto news recap: Bitcoin whitepaper removed from Apple's latest macOS beta

Published May 1st, 2023 - 07:40 GMT
Crypto news recap: Bitcoin whitepaper removed from Apple's latest macOS beta
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ALBAWABA- This week in crypto news, we cover stories from Zimbabwe's new gold-backed digital currency to Apple's removal of the Bitcoin white paper. Also, Australia has surpassed Asia in the number of installed cryptocurrency ATMs. Read on to discover the latest happenings in the world of crypto.

Bitcoin White Paper Removed from Apple's Latest Tech Upgrade

The largest technology company in the world has silently eliminated the Bitcoin white paper from its latest beta version of the operating system upgrade.


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The tech giant reportedly removed a test scanner app called Virtual Scanner II from the latest MacOS Ventura 13.4 beta, which subsequently resulted in the disappearance of the Bitcoin white paper.

Apple removes original Bitcoin whitepaper from the latest macOS Ventura beta by @filipeesposito

— 9to5Mac (@9to5mac) April 25, 2023

Technologist Andy Baio stated in an April 5 blog post that every copy of MacOS for the previous five years had included a PDF version of Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin white paper, which was discovered within Virtual Scanner II in macOS. While the motive for including the white paper in the app was unclear, it was speculated to be "just a joke among Apple engineers." Other more outlandish theories have also been proposed, such as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs being Satoshi Nakamoto.

Zimbabwe to Launch Gold-Backed Digital Currency

The government of Zimbabwe plans to introduce a digital currency backed by gold as legal tender in the country, with the aim of stabilizing the local currency against the US dollar. As per a report by The Sunday Mail, small amounts of Zimbabwean dollars can be exchanged for the digital gold token, allowing more citizens to hedge against currency volatility.

Governor John Mangudya of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe said the initiative is aimed at ensuring that no one is left behind. The country's currency trades at 1,001 ZWL against $1, but on the streets of Harare, it is typically exchanged for 1,750 ZWL, according to Bloomberg. In March, the country's annual consumer price inflation dropped to 87.6% from 92% in February, marking a one-year low.

Australia installs more BTC ATMs than whole of Asia

Australia has surpassed the entire continent of Asia in the number of installed cryptocurrency ATMs. The country has been aggressively installing crypto ATMs since the start of 2023, and in January, it climbed from fifth to third place in the rankings. According to data from Coin ATM Radar, Australia has been continuously installing machines for fiat-to-crypto conversions, with a total of 364 crypto ATMs across the country. The country now ranks behind only the United States and Canada in the total number of installed crypto ATMs.

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