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Published October 10th, 2016 - 10:55 GMT

As a 21st century employer, it is not enough to have access to an abundance of CV’s. In fact, the very large number of candidates of all experience levels and educational backgrounds may seem more overwhelming and less-efficient for hiring managers. provides access to over 25 million jobseekers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). However, also complements its large database with sophisticated navigational tools to make locating, filtering, and contacting candidates as smooth as possible.

The CV search platform was created keeping in mind what employers need; a fast, easy, and cost-effective hire of the top talent in the region. The CV search for employers is user-friendly and features numerous options for filtering, organizing, and marking the sought-after candidate CVs.

Below are a few features that the CV search platform offers all employers to ensure a hassle-free hiring experience:

1. Advanced Filtering Options

If you are looking for a senior marketing officer to work in your Abu Dhabi office, you certainly do not want to look through CV’s for construction workers based in Cairo. CV search enables you to narrow down your search results based on numerous factors including industry, location, experience level, language abilities, and more.  In addition, has recently enabled additional algorithms providing employers with an advanced method to search the CV database. Employers can use a combination of keywords to retrieve highly relevant CVs that match what they are looking for. For example, an employer may want to search for CVs that contain the phrase “project manager” as long as the CV does not contain the word “construction.” The filtering options will easily perform such specification.

2. Customizable CV folders

Even after applying search filters and narrowing down results, employers may sometimes end up with many relevant prospects. The next step would be to use CV folders for organizing the results. Using the CV search platform, employers can export, mark, print, and save CVs into folders for later use. CV searches are smoothly saved into folders and can be re-accessed at any time. Employers have the option of creating the folders and sorting CVs based on position, relevance, or any other criteria. This can further simplify the process of selecting the right person to hire among the many candidates.

3. Direct Search Support

Employers using the CV search platform can also swiftly communicate their feedback from the comfort of their office. Employers are able to contact their Relationship Officer with questions regarding the search process, to request further assistance, or to submit their comments and thoughts regarding the usability and effectiveness of the tools provided. The Relationship Officers at are always prepared to receive inquiries from employers and to guide them through the best methods for using the search tools.

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