Eni and Schlumberger Drill the World's Deepest Horizontal Oil Well

Published November 7th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Eni, the Italian oil and natural gas company, through its Agip Division, and Schlumberger's Directional Drilling Services announce the drilling of the world's deepest producing horizontal oil well in the Villafortuna-Trecate field in Italy. 


The drilling was finalized in the first week of October after a final bit run that reached a total depth of 6,421 meters (21,066 ft) at an angle of 89.6°. The horizontal drain extended for 184 meters and from 85° to 90° inclination. The vertical depth of 6,062 meters (19,888 ft) is the new record for a completed horizontal well. 


The newly-introduced high temperature SlimPulse system provided real-time gamma ray measurements, combined with continuous inclination and direction under extreme bottom-hole temperature conditions of up to 180° C (356°F) circulating, and bottom hole high pressure (1.6 spec. gravity).  


The above technology was decisive in successfully geosteering the Villafortuna 1 well towards the target pay zone. 


"Eni has traditionally used forefront technical solutions to guarantee environmental protection", commented Vittorio Mincato, Managing Director of Eni.  


"This success too, achieved jointly with our partner Schlumberger, confirms our strategy which aims at meeting with constantly increasing efficiency the demand for environmental quality in processes, products and services". 


Saad Bargach, President of Schlumberger Drilling & Measurements, said: "This well represented a real challenge for our latest technology, and this success was achieved thanks to a very close cooperation between Eni and our Product Centers". 




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