Foot and mouth disease spreads to Yemen

Published March 21st, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Foot and mouth disease is spreading rapidly through herds of livestock in the Gulf, with the latest country to report evidence of the disease being Yemen. 


According to the Yemen Times, the first cases were identified last week on the Tihama coast, and particularly in Abs, Haradh, Aslam, and the western Al-Mahabisha region.  


The Yemeni health authorities are reportedly concerned that lack of awareness of the disease's contagious nature among the country’s farmers is making it difficult to contain the outbreak. 


The region in Yemen where cases of foot and mouth disease appeared is a 40 km stretch, south of the border with Saudi Arabia. On Monday, March 19, the Saudi agriculture ministry confirmed that 400 cases of the disease had been discovered in Saudi Arabia country to date.  


Officials in the United Arab Emirates had confirmed eight cases of the disease at the beginning of the week, but news reports put the number of suspected instances considerably higher. 


On Monday, the UAE government banned the import of cattle, goats and sheep from Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil, China, Mongolia, South Africa and Uruguay. They joined a list, which includes most European and African countries. — (Abawaba-MEBG)

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