Gamers: Get ready for Street Fighter 6

Published April 12th, 2023 - 12:54 GMT
Gamers: Get ready! Street Fighter 6 is set for release this summer
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Gamers: Get ready for Street Fighter 6, which is set to be one of the biggest games of the year.

ALBAWABA - Street Fighter 6 is set to be one of the most popular new games in 2023.

Capcom announced its long-awaited sequel in February 2022, and information has gotten a little faint since then. Street Fighter is one of those arcade brawlers many of us have at least heard of. Brawling opponents takes place with all manner of kicks, punches, body slams and more.

The latest addition in the series offers everything gamers love about side-on fighting games, this time playing in its stunningly modern 4K graphics.

When it comes to the story, the events of Street Fighter 3 have finally been moved beyond in the plot after almost 25 years. Due to the absence of M. Bison, Shadaloo, and fighting-related motivations for characters like Guile and Chun Li, fresh takes of well-known characters should be expected going ahead. With hints at both Hugo and Gill in the unveiling trailer, it's also very likely that many of the roster of misfits from Street Fighter III will make a return.

Fighting Ground, Battle Hub, and World Tour are the three separate and major Street Fighter 6 game modes that will be available for players to choose from, according to Capcom.

Fighting Ground is an arena where you can practice, play local multiplayer, or take part in AI combat. In a virtual lobby, called Battle Hub, you can move around with a customized character, sitting down at arcade games and challenging other players to battle.

In the open-world hub World Tour, which is based on Metro City, you can engage in brawls with locals and meet characters from the Street Fighter and its wider universe. It looks very different from anything seen in prior Street Fighter games and is referred to as having a "immersive single player mode."

For the sake of the online gameplay I'm happy to say YES!! Rollback net support is back. For a fighting game to offer top-notch online gaming and enable quick, low-latency matches with players from around the world, Rollback Netcode is essential. It's encouraging to see Capcom make Rollback Netcode a priority feature because it's going to be practically required in 2023 and because a few recent fighting games saw their competitive scenes quickly decrease because they didn't use it.

Several new game mechanics have been added to the new entry.

Drive Impact: A powerful strike that can deflect an opponent's approaching blow and splat them against a wall.

Drive Parry: Block an attack from the opponent and recharges your drive gauge.

Drive Rush: Allows the gamer to quickly approach the opponent; it can be cancelled into a Drive Parry or a regular attack.

Similar to EX Moves from earlier games, Overdrive Arts enhances the Special Moves.

Drive Reversal: Launch a counterattack to escape a tight situation. 

Here is a trailer that shows gameplay for all characters confirmed this far:

Street fighter 6 will release on June 2. It will sell for $59.99


Written by Albawaba Intern Jawad al-Madani

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