Got Too Many Clothes? 7 Innovative Ideas to Make Use of Items You've Cleared During the Quarantine

Published June 28th, 2020 - 03:00 GMT
Got Too Many Clothes? 7 Innovative Ideas to Make Use of Items You've Cleared During the Quarantine
According to the Guardian, lockdown wardrobe clear-outs resulted in 67 million items of clothing and 22 million pairs of shoes. (Shutterstock: cate_89)

Despite health and economic crises the world has been bracing for since the pandemic broke out earlier this year, no one can deny that weeks-long home-stays have pushed many people to finish many tasks they've had on hold for months and sometimes years.

Those who were lucky to enjoy a few peaceful weeks in the comfort of their homes, during COVID-19 quarantine, have had the chance to make several changes on their lifestyles, including having a regular sleep schedule, eating healthy, working out, and reading. 

Many people took advantage of the free time available for them for the first time in years to clear out unneeded house items, most importantly clothes that have become available for whoever wants them.

According to the Guardian, lockdown wardrobe clear-outs resulted in 67 million items of clothing and 22 million pairs of shoes, all ready to go to charity. The newspaper reported that many people are still unable to get rid of unneeded clothing items; as many clothing charity organizations continue to be shut down due to pandemic restrictions.

Unfortunately, the report notes that 14% of unwanted clothes' owners prefer to throw them away in a garbage bin instead of donating them to charity. As shocking as this came to me, it has inspired me to explore project ideas, whether charity or profitable ones, through which people can make the best use of their old clothes.

Some of the following ideas will need more clothes than what one household might need to evacuate, so you are encouraged to ask your family and friends for their unwanted pieces as well.

1. Setting up a 'dress for success' project 

Instead of setting up a typical kind of charity, you can actually offer much-needed help to low-income individuals, who need professional attire for job interviews or important career-related meetings, by offering clean formal suits to men and women trying to build a career in a big corporate, where looks matter.

2. Online rental website

If you're aspiring to make a decent amount of money while helping disadvantaged people get access to clothes they can't afford to buy, you can rent outstanding pieces, especially prom and wedding outfits using an online store.

3. Online second-hand clothing website

Another option to make some money is to sell used clothes, whether through a physical shop or an online one. Second-hand clothes are increasingly more popular these days, especially amongst individuals who care for the environment and are against excessive consumption.

4. Setting up a costume shop

This option comes in handy if you have plenty of costumes of no use anymore, you can start a rental shop so people continue to rock your favorite pieces, especially those holding fun parties online while abiding by social distancing.

5. Collaborating with TV and filmmakers who need them for shooting

Clothes from different eras make a true treasure for filmmakers and other creative artists, who can feature them in their upcoming works while keeping them in good condition. You'll enjoy telling your friends about your mom's wedding dress while watching it in a film together.

6. Redesigning fashion

You or a fashion designer friend of yours can make use of tons of clothes by using their fabrics to recreate fashionable pieces and offering new creative lines.

7. Start a fashion museum

What's best for old fashion pieces than to use them to tell stories? 

Fashion museums are always popular because people enjoy learning about different fashion trends of each era. For a reasonable entry fee, your colorful museum will attract lots of visitors, who love to take pictures with unique outfits; ones that make them feel like they have traveled way back in time.

You can support your display with visuals and videos of famous figures wearing similar styles, in addition to historical background that makes each piece more appreciated for what it represents.

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