Habits of highly productive people

Published August 29th, 2016 - 12:03 GMT
Multitasking is essential for productive people, but you have to choose the activities to pair. (Shutterstock)
Multitasking is essential for productive people, but you have to choose the activities to pair. (Shutterstock)

We’ve all crossed paths with one of the people who seem to get more things done in day than what we get done in a week!

Those people who are always on top of things, it could’ve been the girl who always submitted the research paper one week early, or the guy at work who’s always marking things as done or even the working mom who is doing a great job in achieving a work-life balance.

Through researching and talking to highly productive people, Bayt.com professionals are here to share with you tips, that if applied correctly, you’ll have the time to handle work, tick things off your to-do list, have a social life and still have the time to sleep! And no, it’s not mission impossible.

Here are the 7 secrets of highly productive people.

1. Find focus with a simple ritual

Try making your favorite morning activity – whether it’s sipping tea or coffee, taking a morning walk – a mind-clearing, pre-work ritual. Devoting a few minutes to relaxing and centering can help erase and even prevent mental exhaustion.

2. Know the difference between urgent and important

Extremely productive people know that important and urgent are two different things— while the urgency of a matter is determined by some who is expecting immediate answer, important tasks are the things deemed important by you. If you get sidetracked by doing the urgent but unimportant tasks, you’ll spend your time fighting needless fires instead of getting done what actually matters.

3. Use technology for their own good

Right now we live in a world that is constantly stimulated by electronic communication. Text messaging, the worlds of social media, phone calls and emails can become serious time drains if handled poorly. Limit yourself to checking your social media accounts to once a day. Nowadays, there are many apps that can help you limit your usage and can improve you productivity.

4.Take breaks throughout the day

You don’t have to over-work yourself to be successfully productive. On the contrary, over-working will make you even less productive! If you work for more than 90 minutes you’ll start feeling tired and you’ll need to recharge. Highly-productive people understand that managing their energy is as important as managing their time. Whenever you feel unproductive, throw in a quick break. Walk away from the desk, get something to drink or talk to a colleague about work. You’ll be more perked up when you return.

5. Plan their days

Creating a daily list of “action items” that need to be accomplished and the time it may take you to finish them keeps successful people honest, motivated, and constantly progressing. Start small, and gradually build. Do this first thing in the morning. Make a brief list of all the things you need to accomplish to make the day a triumph.

6. They multi-task wisely

Multitasking is essential for productive people, but you have to choose the activities to pair. You shouldn’t multitask while doing the big things, but you might check your email or write a note while you’re on a call. The tasks should be complementary in the sense that usually, one task is much more important than the other, and the other one can be done with a limited amount of energy and diversion.


7. They embrace criticism

Nobody likes being booed. However, highly productive people know that the only way to improvement is knowing what you’re doing wrong! Instead of getting defensive and immediately dismissing the negative opinions of others, successful people listen, heed those words, and use them to grow.


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