Have Pokemon Go and mobile games taken over your workplace?

Published August 30th, 2016 - 12:27 GMT
Your company should already have a policy in place for cell phone use in general. (File photo)
Your company should already have a policy in place for cell phone use in general. (File photo)

With the release of Pokemon Go, and the craze it created that took the world by storm, it is only natural to expect more developers and tech companies to jump in on the frenzy and start creating their own augmented reality (AR) apps in hopes of worldwide success. The global phenomenon broke records during its first week of release, becoming the most downloaded app on the app store, and people’s obsession with it has opened doors to a wider spread of AR apps in general, and AR gaming specifically. But what does this mean in the MENA workplace? It is true that Pokemon Go did not affect our workplaces as severely as others, since the game has not been officially released in the region, but it is safe to assume that there will be plenty of games in the future to be weary of, and to start preparing for.

The good news is, there are ways to prevent these games from taking over your business and draining your employees’ productivity. The better news is that you can even use Pokemon Go and other mobile games to benefit your teams and your company as a whole. Here are some tips from Bayt.com.

1. Make sure everyone is clear on your company policy

Your company should already have a policy in place for cell phone use in general. Texting, social networking and making phone calls are already disruptive enough in some workplaces, so make sure you clearly communicate to your team that gaming is no exception to this. Remind them that they are free to use their phones during their lunch or break times.

2. Set up incentives 

Encourage employees to only play during their breaks by setting up reward programs. For example, you could specify that you will reward whoever catches the most Pokemon during lunch hour, or whoever catches the least during work hours. This pushes employees to only indulge in the games at appropriate times and places.

3. Promote team spirit

Put the game to work for you by turning it into a team-building activity. Group employees into teams by game colors and promise a reward to the team who gets farthest in the game. This encourages employees to work together and build stronger relationships at work, and could just make you the coolest boss to have. The best part is, it’s free!

4. Marketing!

Turn the game into a complete marketing strategy. Gain more clients and customers by incorporating the game into your business somehow. This can be as simple as creating a social media competition for your fans and followers, and rewarding those who incorporate your logo into their shots, or share images of their Pokemon with your business in the background. You could even set up a simple gaming hub at your location, to invite more customers to visit your company.

5. Health and wellness

Incorporating AR games into your wellness policy could be a great way to make sure that your employees are staying healthy. Encourage them to use their lunch to go on a hunt, or walk around to log miles into their apps, and reward those with the longest distance. The benefits of getting some exercise right after eating are multiplied, and the best part is, it’s much cheaper than building an office gym. Some fresh air is also a great refresher and helps employees feel re-energized enough to make it through the rest of their working day.

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