India remains top importer of Jordanian products

Published September 28th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

India maintained its position as the largest market for Jordanian products through the first six months of 2000, the Central Bank of Jordan Monthly Statistical Bulletin reported.  


Despite a drop of around JD6 million in exports to the destination, the sub-continent ranked first among the list of outlets for Jordanian goods in the examined months.  


According to the Department of Statistics, domestic products heading to the Indian market during the  

January-June months of this year were concentrated in rock phosphate, worth JD30 million, potash, phosphoric acid and fertilizers, with a total value of JD81 million.  

India, which began importing phosphate from Jordan in 1953, is the Kingdom's largest importer of the mineral.  


This year, India-bound exports of phosphate are expected to hit a record level of 2.1 million tones.  

Iraq, ranking second, absorbed some JD53 million worth of locally-manufactured products, with animal and vegetable oil and medical and pharmaceutical products as its major imports.  


Saudi Arabia with JD48 million in imports from the Kingdom during the first six months of 2000 — more than JD22 million for pharmaceutical products and live animals alone, came next on the geographic distribution map of domestic exports.  


Exports to Israel jumped to around JD24 million during the mid-year span of 2000, up from JD14 million compared to the same months of last year.  

The bulletin, however, did not show any imports from the Israeli market.  


In terms of mid-year imports, Iraq continues to be the Kingdom's largest trade partner, where mineral fuels, lubricants and related material were major imports; reaching more some JD228 million.  


Despite the UN embargo on Iraq, Jordan and its eastern neighbor have an oil and trade agreement under which Jordan will export up to $300 million of goods to Iraq this year in exchange for 4.8 million tones of Iraqi oil. Jordan receives half the oil free and the remainder at a reduced price.  


Germany, which heavily exports transport equipment and spare parts to the local market, was Jordan's second largest importer, followed by the United States. Imports of transport equipment and spare parts during the period almost doubled, reaching over JD228 million, compared to the same months a year earlier, reported the bulletin.  


Last year, the government reduced customs and taxes on cars by an average of 67 percent. — ( Jordan Times )  

By Rana Awwad  


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