Interview with Anas Bukhash on the ‘Three P’s’: Passion, Planning, and Perseverance

Published June 20th, 2019 - 12:00 GMT
Courtesy Anas Bukhash
Courtesy Anas Bukhash
Having a ‘proper’ branding plus using digital marketing is crucial for a well- established marketing strategy.

“If success was easy, everybody would be successful.“

Anas Bukhash is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the UAE having co-founded Ahdaaf Sports Club and Bukhash Brothers. 

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We got the chance to speak with Anas about his successful journey, and he will point out some tips for similar entrepreneurs.

1. You are well known as a leading entrepreneur In the UAE and abroad. Aside from the business life, how would you describe yourself?

Overall, passionate about certain things and these are the things that I choose to spend my time on. They can include: Family, friends, football, food, travel, movies/TV shows.

2. When and how did the idea of Bukhash Brothers and Ahdaaf Sports Club came to life?

Both organically. With Ahdaaf, the concept I first thought about was while playing football in the US and I wanted to bring it to the UAE as the first indoor artificial grass field promoting a healthier active lifestyle for all age groups. It was launched in 2009. With Bukhash Brothers, it was a result of the personal network of celebrities & friends that I had built down the years and their trust in me to negotiate on their behalf and represent them.

Therefore, after trying it a few times, I knew I had the talent for it, was good at it, and most importantly I enjoyed it, so we decided to create the first specialized Celebrity & Influencer Marketing Consultancy in the UAE. This was in 2014.

3. What were your hobbies before you started the entrepreneurship journey?

I’ve always been crazy about football.

"Entrepreneurship is not for everyone." - Anas Bukhash

4. It is not easy to establish a company at a young age. What are the biggest challenges you have faced when you first started?

Having a proper accurate business plan, being resourceful, choosing the right partners, hiring the right competent team, getting the required funding are all challenges you need to address.

5. As an entrepreneur and motivational speaker, what tips can you share with our interested audience?

That entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Some people are “corporate” people and some are “entrepreneurs”. There is no right or wrong; just a preference. Entrepreneurship might “sound” more appealing, but it needs far more effort and work as you will have to work double or triple the hours you would in a typical corporate job. If someone decides to take that role, I’d push them to focus on the 3 P’s I lecture on: Passion, Planning, and Perseverance. They need to have them all.

6. Every business needs a well-established marketing strategy. Which strategy do you personally implement, and which tactics have been most successful?

For me it’s having a ‘proper’ branding plus using digital marketing is crucial.

7. Running one company requires a lot of effort and hard work. How do you manage your time between running more than one entity and different initiatives?

Currently, I have 4 start-ups. It’s definitely a big challenge and I wouldn’t be able to do it without managing my time properly and having the right team around me.

8. As a young entrepreneur who keeps aiming high, what advice would you give for like-minded people?

I’d say most importantly to focus on the 3 P’s: Passion, Planning, and Perseverance. They need to have them all, and to never give up!

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