Iraq: US and Britain trying to block Iraq oil sales

Published March 26th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Iraq has accused the US and Britain of trying to block its crude oil sales by proposed new changes to the oil-for-food program with the UN, an oil ministry spokesman said Friday, reported news agencies. 


The spokesman was quoted by Iraqi newspapers as saying the US and British representatives on UN Committee 661 had made the new proposals March 16.  


The proposed change would require companies registered with the UN to buy Iraqi crude oil to re-register at the start of each six-month phase of the humanitarian program. 

"Only sovereign states may define the companies which are 

qualified to buy Iraqi oil.  


Any new conditions or restrictions on the qualified companies shall be deemed interference in those states' affairs," the spokesman said, adding: "These conditions will lead to a great delay and blockage in implementation." 



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