Israel restores partial fuel flow to Gaza Strip — Palestinian official

Published November 29th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

After cutting the flow of fuel to the Gaza Strip for a week, Israel has partially reopened the taps to the region which had been choked of reserves, a Palestinian official said on Monday.  


Luieh Arandas, head of the Palestinian Authority's petroleum commission, told AFP that Israel had restored intermittently the flow of petrol and gas on Friday, after a cut since Nov. 16.  


“Israel has allowed the flow of gas to the Gaza Strip on an intermittent basis and it could be shut again at any time,” Arandas said, pointing out that Israel had stopped supplies again on Saturday.  


Arandas said on Wednesday that the Gaza Strip was out of petrol, describing the situation as “on the verge of a crisis.”  


Many taxi drivers in Gaza City, one of the world's most congested cities, had given up their profession during the shortage, unable to pay the exorbitant prices for the scarce fuel that was left, which authorities have been putting aside for emergency use by hospitals and other facilities.  


The Gaza Strip depends on Israel for 85 per cent of its imports, while the blockade has prevented some 35,000 Palestinians from the area from going into the Jewish state to work.  


The United Nations estimates that the blockade is stopping $3.4 million each day from going into the territories. --AFP. 

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