Jeddah Hilton resumes business as normal

Published March 6th, 2005 - 03:41 GMT

Jeddah Hilton resumed business as normal after months of planning and preparations which saw the construction of a giant fully air-conditioned, carpeted and decorated tent, the laying of kilometres of multi-core fibre optic cabling, and the deployment of a team of 70 chefs who prepared culinary delights for over 1800 delegates.  Enormous amounts of food, ranging from vegetables, meat, poultry and fish, as well as more than 10,000 bottles of water and 2,500 litres of coffee and tea were served over the course of the Jeddah Economic Forum.


"With the sheer scale of this year’s forum and delegates’ profile, our scope of work ranged from serving daily coffee breaks and lunch for all delegates, ensuring prompt and quality set-up for several daily seminars running simultaneously, managing technical set-up alongside a team of experts, as well as accommodating any basic need of all delegates throughout the event,” said Hagop Doghramadjian, General Manager, Jeddah Hilton.


“Much attention was extended by each member of the Jeddah Hilton to ensure that all delegates’ needs are attended to. For example, when a VP of a major global company informed us that he forgot his business cards, we organised for the printing of over 400 cards within six hours,” he added


The enormous logistical requirements of the forum, which has grown in both importance and size over the past years, included bringing in custom made cradles to carefully remove two 1000 kg chandeliers from the Hilton Hall ceiling to accommodate the projection on the biggest screen ever used for any conference in the Kingdom.


"We were prepared for all additional VIP seating set-up, transformation of venues for presentation sessions as well as provision of any unforeseen catering requirements.” he commented 
Prince Sultan bin Salman, Madeleine Albright, Czech President Vaclav Klaus, Prince Andrew, Prime Minister of Malaysia were amongst the 1500 guests attending the forum’s VIP dinner which was held at the hotel’s poolside and featured culinary dishes from virtually every country in the world, including Saudi Arabian specialities such as Gareesh, margoug, Ouzi and Mutabek.

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