Jeddah port gets facelift

Published October 12th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Siyanco DPA (a joint venture between Saudi Maintenance Co. and Dubai Port Authority under contract with the Saudi Ports Authority), which manages the Southern Container Terminal at the Jeddah Islamic Port, has decided to purchase four Super Post-Panamax container handling cranes from South Korean Hyundai Corp. With the purchase of the new ship-to-shore cranes the planned investment program for the Red Sea terminal will be advanced by one year, reports both the Khaleej Times and Gulf News


Delivery of the cranes within fourteen months will increase the total number of ship-to shore cranes to fifteen. Also, Siyanco DPA is planning to purchase eight rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) from Samsung. This will increase the total RTGs to fifteen. All fifteen will be operational by the end of 2001. A large quantity of trucks, forklifts, tractors, roll trailers, chassis, and other equipment is also on order. 


A computerized managing system will also be installed. The system, designed by US-based Navy forces, will control port bookings, equipment use, and yard planning. 




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