Lebanese bank figures for first eight months of the year

Published October 4th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The consolidated balance sheet of commercial banks for the first 8 months of 2000 indicates the following: 


Total assets reached $43.37 billion-- -- a 12.57 percent increase from August 1999. 

Customer deposits totaled $36.35 billion, up 12.57 percent from the same period last year.  


The dollarization rate of deposits was 63.29 percent compared to 63.61 percent in August 1999. 

Loans to the private sector amounted to $14.52 billion, an 8.11 percent rise year-on-year 


The dollarization rate in lending reached 87.12 percent compared to 88.73 percent in August 1999. 


The ratio of loans to deposits in foreign currencies stood at 55.01 percent, well below the Central Bank’s limit of 70 percent, while the same ratio in Lebanese Lira was 14.02 percent.  

The ratio of total loans to deposits stood at 39.97 percent.  


The lower rates of increase in assets and customer deposits compared to previous years continue to reflect the prevailing economic slowdown in the country. 


Total banking credits to the private sector reached $14.44 billion in July 2000, down 0.28 percent from June. The trade and services sector accounted for 44.3 percent share of total credits followed by construction with a 21.5 percent portion. Industrial activity came in third place at 12.68 percent, followed by a 12.11 percent share for personal loans.  


Financial intermediaries and the agricultural sector received 2.93 percent and 1.42 percent of total loans, respectively. Beirut continues to lead all regions with 82.05 percent of total bank credits and comprised 68.2 percent of loan beneficiaries in July.  


The number of checks written during the first 8 months of 2000 reached 7,155,301 checks for a total value of LL26,728 billion, or about $17.73 billion. This constitutes a 0.75 percent decrease in the number of checks written and a 1.28 percent rise in value from the same period last year. 


The number of returned checks reached 261,099 checks for a value of LL946 billion, or $627.5 million. This constitutes a 0.46 percent rise in number and a 12.57 percent decrease in value from the first 8 months of 1999.  


Returned checks constituted 3.65 percent of the aggregate number of checks written and 3.54 percent of their total value compared to 3.48 percent and 3.94 percent respectively, for the same period last year. Returned checks in foreign currencies accounted for 81.65 percent and 84.15 percent of the number and value of total checks returned. ― ( Lebanon Invest




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