Lebanon’s Minister of Finance banned from entering the United States

Published June 15th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

The US government has barred Lebanon’s Minister of Finance Fouad Siniora from entering the United States. Siniora’s name has been added to a list of persons who have made donations to Islamic charities accused of financing terrorist activities. 


Siniora admitted that he made a one million Lebanese pound ($650) donation to the Islamic Charity Association of Sehikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah during the holy month Ramadan this past December, reported AP. He said the money went to financing a banquet thrown by the organization during the holiday season. 


Spiritual leader of the Hizbullah terrorist organization in the 1980’s, Sheikh Fadlallah was linked by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to a suicide truck bombing attack on a Marines base at the Beirut Airport in 1983. Some 241 Americans were killed in the blast. 


In 2001, The US Department of State issued a terrorist exclusion list (TEL) that designated 39 groups, charities, and companies as ‘supporters of terrorism’ that would be subject to specific visa restrictions. The provisions of this law give US authorities the power to deport members of these groups or deny them visas for entrance into the United States. In 2003, nine more groups were added to the list— (menareport.com) 

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