Lebanon receives additional $26.8M EU grant

Published November 8th, 2015 - 01:00 GMT

The European Union announced Friday that it allocated additional 25 million euro ($26.8 million) to Lebanon for private sector development, technical assistance to government and civil societies. According to the statement, 15 million euros will be earmarked supporting private sector. “Despite remarkable resilience and willingness of businesses to develop in the context of persistent crisis and uncertain geopolitical conditions, the Lebanese private sector needs assistance in order to reach a more competitive position. To respond to these challenges, this action is aimed at stimulating private sector development by assisting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to be more competitive,” the statement added.

The EU also said another 5 million euros would go to technical assistance to the Lebanese government.

It said the EU has already provided considerable technical assistance to Lebanon over several decades.

“However, further support is still needed due to the difficult situation in the country, exacerbated by the Syrian refugee crisis. The assistance will help improve governance and strengthen the capacities for administrative and institutional reform within the Lebanese public administration,” the statement explained.

The EU also granted 5 million euros to civil society partnerships to promote reform and local development. “Civil society in the country is vibrant and one of the most active in the region, but it nevertheless struggles to make significant impact on government policy,” it noted.

It said the funding would help civil society support reforms and increase public accountability in health, education and the environment (including water and energy).

Moreover, it will support grassroots organizations to allow their engagement in local socio-economic development.

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