Leos in Business: What 9 Jobs Can They Excel At?

Published August 8th, 2021 - 03:00 GMT
Leo zodiac at work
Leos typically thrive for success, attention, and recognition. (Shutterstock: Fun Way Illustration)

How many times did you judge your coworkers or leaders based on their zodiac signs? Whether you believe in the common traits that allegedly make each zodiac group a unique one or not, this article will provide you with a light read that you can forward to your Leo teammates for a fun office talk. This is Leos season, so our article is going to be about it.

Based on popular belief, people who are born within the same zodiac sign, share a number of traits that may seem similar enough to have them handle life in very similar ways.

In this article, we will try to shed some light on career paths that people born under the Leo sign can excel at, in light of well-known personality qualities.

Before we start with our list, please take a moment and think of common traits amongst the following names; former US president Barak Obama, the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Napoleon Bonaparte, New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Meghan Markle, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Mila Kunis, Dua Lipa, Steve Carrell, and Robert De Niro. 

1. CEOs

Given their unbelievably high ambitions, whether they admit it or not, most Leos enjoy contemplating the thought of becoming CEOs, one day. To be fair, they often work a little too hard in an attempt to achieve this dream.


2. Marketing and Sales Engineers

Thanks to their extroverted and hyper-social nature, Leos have great energy when it comes to promoting a product, a service, or simply an idea. More often than not, they have strong persuasive skills that will get them to seal great deals.

3. Life Coaches

Who is better at providing life advice than people who strive to live the best versions of life? Even the most unfortunate Leos have a great deal of appreciation for fine life and how to get as close as possible to it. When asked for advice, Leos can go on for long hours giving pep talks and pushing people to reach the maximum potential of their lives. 

4. Models, Artists, and Social Media Influencers

If you were to look for the zodiac sign that would do anything for fame, glamour, and stardom, Leos will be the answer. This is why they can do a great job performing under lights and on stages, whether they are actors, singers, musicians, designers, or models.

Moreover, Leos can be great at attracting viewership online, thanks to their obsession with showing off how well they enjoy their lives.

5. Entrepreneurs

Most of the time, ambitious Leos will try their best to start their own businesses, for no other zodiac sign dreads the idea of working for someone else. 

Leos also tend to think out of the box, which urges them to generate profit out of brand new ideas.

6. Investors or Financial Consultants 

Their love for success, fame, and recognition usually stems from their out-of-the-world obsession with wealth and money. This is why most Leos have great money-management skills and spare no chance to double or even triple their funds.

If a Leo isn't a risk-taking broker at a stock market, they are most definitely more than willing to offer financial guidance to others.

7. Politicians or Diplomats

Power and leadership are other elements Leos strive for, which is why many of them would like to use their outstanding persuasive skills in politics, whether as decisive authority figures or as soft-talking, yet clever diplomats.

8. University Professors

When Leos' love for delivering grand lectures is coupled with an interest in academia, they make exceptional professors. They love to be at the center of attention and to watch people admire their knowledge and wisdom.

9. Team Leaders

This one should not come as a surprise, considering Leos tendencies to be leaders. Just like with other career paths, Leos enjoy managing situations, giving instructions, showcasing their skills, and monitoring progress. However, Leo leaders do need to balance their inclination to show how brilliant they are with showing enough empathy amongst their teams, so they protect themselves from being hated by their juniors. 

Do any of these career options apply to your Leo friends or colleagues?

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