Which Career Path You Should Take Based on Your Personality Type

Published July 15th, 2020 - 04:00 GMT
What Career Path Should You Take Based on Your Personality Type?
Studying human brains and behaviors, various Psychologists have concluded that humans eventually belong to one of a number of categories. (verywellmind.com)

Most of us have always associated careers we want to pursue with our personal preferences. We've always been asked: "What would like to do as a grown-up? What job would like to take? What do you like to do for a living?" Let alone hundreds of books and lectures that have told us we should "do what we love, and we'll never work another day in our lives." But is this really the right way to choose the career path that suits our very unique personalities?

What if you want to be a politician but you're an introvert who can't stand confrontations? What if you like psychology but you are not the biggest receiver out there? Wouldn't that damage your career? How can you achieve success at work if you weren't made for the position you hold? How do you know if the field you're working so hard to get into will be the perfect fit for you? 

Often, we are so busy equipping ourselves with academic and practical skills needed for our career life that we forget to question our strongest and most dominant personality traits, ones that will uncontrollably keep surfacing throughout our life. 

Studying human brains and behaviors, various Psychologists have concluded that no matter how diverse humans can be, they eventually belong to one of a number of categories. Now, each of us can learn more about their personalities after undergoing one of several standard tests for a few minutes.

For this article, we're going through the 16 universal personality types based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, where end results are expressed in 4 letters per each type, pointing at a number of traits people have: People are either extroverted (E) or introverted (I). They are either sensors (S) or intuitors (N), either thinkers (T) or feelers (F), and finally, they are either judgers (J) or perceivers (P).

1. INTJ - The Architect


This type is best at analyzing the most cryptic data and turning it into meaningful, clear, and understandable information. 

Highly organized and intellectual, these introvert creators like to think things thoroughly while they're alone, so they plan tasks ahead of time, which makes them perfect researchers, managers, and accountants. 

2. INTP - The Logician

The wise innovator likes to examine issues and break them down. Today's logicians are quite lucky as their sense of creativity and curiosity qualifies them for computer-related jobs.

Additionally, they make perfect scientists, due to their love for difficult concepts. Logicians can also easily become computer and software engineers. If they're interested in astronomy. 

3. ENTJ - The Commander

The naturally-born leaders, thanks to their charisma and confidence. Commanders like to encourage people and make them believe in themselves and in their dreams. 

Commanders can excel as university professors, CEOs, doctors, and political leaders. 

4. ENTP- The Debater

Looking to break down all notions, debaters like to question every thought and try to explore all possible answers so they come up with their own logic-based ones.

Yet, debaters tend to have a unique artistic side. Having a rather balanced set of skills makes them great engineers, designers, musicians, journalists, and investigators.

5. INFJ - The Advocate

Being overly ideal and dreamy, advocates tend to be concerned with long-term issues, as they keep involving themselves in solving problems and finding answers. 

This personality type is at its best when they deal with a small number of people and on specific issues. They can be teachers, counselors, psychologists, photographers, and child care workers.

6.INFP - The Mediator 

Looking for the bright side in everything, mediators often come off as highly balanced individuals. With a high sense of empathy, mediators meet all situations with a practical attitude.

Mediators can be successful political activists, editors, and language teachers.

7.ENFJ - The Protagonist 

Compassionate, proud, and influential, all adjectives that perfectly describe protagonists, who like to provide guidance and motivate people into taking worthy risks so they make the best out of their lives.

Protagonists can easily become coaches, teachers, diplomats, and politicians.

8. ENFP - The Campaigner 

Being full of life, campaigners enjoy being around people, as they like to explore others around them, which helps them make sense of their own lives.

Their curiosity and innovation help them achieve great success as television reporters, artists, and social scientists.

9. ISTJ - The Logistician 

These responsible people thrive on facts and clarity. They don't like mysteries and do their best to uncover them so they're only dealing with logical situations. 

Logisticians have an exceptional ability to keep things under control patiently, which makes them great with numbers, such as being math teachers, mechanical engineers, and auditors. 

10. ISFJ - The Defender 

Thanks to their excellent analytical skills and high sensitivity, defenders take their time before giving answers so they know for sure that they're providing the best they can possibly offer. 

Defenders' personalities are perfect for interior designers, secretaries, bookkeepers, librarians, and nurses.

11.ESTJ - The Executive 

If there was only one phrase that Executives love, it would definitely be law and order. Rules and orders are sacred to this group of people because it outlines their goals and helps them identify the best way to accomplish them.

Executives' love for commitment makes them the best military and police leaders. Unexpectedly, they can also be great chefs because they love to receive and follow recipes.

12. ESFJ - The Consul 

The most popular personality is a great communicator who likes to make sure that everyone around them are feeling heard and respected, and they stand up for anyone whose rights are not protected. 

They are usually very warm and honest, which helps them being excellent social workers, organization leaders, counselors, and office managers.

13. ISTP - The Virtuoso

Despite looking mysterious, they are actually pretty flexible people, who love to offer others a hand, and to help get things done even if they don't get credit for it.

They make perfect firefighters, paramedics, electrical engineers, dental hygienists, and probation officers.

14. ISFP - The Adventurer 

Constantly looking for new experiences, adventurers often try to challenge convictions and come up with new artistic views on almost everything. 

They like being themselves and hate phony people, and their aesthetic side helps them excel as artists, composers, carpenters, and designers.

15. ESTP - The Entrepreneur 

Having a magnetic personality, entrepreneurs tend to unintentionally affect people around them. They like dynamic conversations and quickly try to escape pointless arguments and boring discussions. 

Their interest in solving urgent problems help them become great computer technicians, entrepreneurs, comedians, and marketers.

16.ESFP - The Entertainer 

Excitement and energy control this personality type, which gets them to encourage people around them spend good times. They often downplay problems that help sooth anxieties and fears, supporting problem-solving efforts.

Entertainers can be human resources managers, coaches, service workers, and receptionists.

Now that you know the 16 type of personalities and the different career paths that each can pave, which one fits you the best?

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