Looking for a Job in the UAE? Here Are the Jobs Most in Demand for 2021

Published April 4th, 2021 - 03:00 GMT
Looking for a job in the UAE 2021
After a slow employment year in 2020, people are looking forward to better chances in 2021. (Shutterstock: Novikov Aleksey)

The latest LinkedIn Emerging Jobs report has highlighted a number of jobs and skills that are most in-demand in the UAE during 2021.

Thanks to the economic meltdown that has ravaged the global economy during 2020, due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, the employment world has been suffering a great deal of uncertainty, with millions of people still being jobless after being sacked in the Spring of 2020.

Efforts to support businesses, as they survived the global shock triggered by the pandemic, have been focused on downsizing teams, closing branches, and minimizing costs, that millions of people are now glancing at 2021 with a more positive outlook, hoping that they can be hired again as the world starts to feel more at ease.

In several parts of the world, the pandemic is starting to be under control, following millions of vaccinations administered to the most vulnerable people. In the UAE, at least 7 million vaccinations have been reportedly administered  in the country of 10 million people, which has ranked the country as the second-highest most vaccinating one in the world, which is pointing at an approaching return of "normal life" during 2021.

Such news is inspiring millions of people to start looking for jobs in the UAE, the country with one of the best standards in terms of life quality and decent pay.

Below, we will explore the most in-demand jobs in the UAE during 2021, as per the LinkedIn Emerging Jobs report:

1. Medical professionals

Unsurprisingly, as we learn the lessons from a cruel pandemic that has wreaked havoc across the world, people are realizing that nothing is more important than maintaining health and keeping their bodies in the best state, which has led to a growing interest in hiring medical professionals in the UAE.

2. Digital content creators aka Influencers 

Because the world is still in a relative state of self-isolation, countries emerging from the crisis first will need to show the rest of the world how fine they are doing, and how safe it can be to either visit them or to relocate to their countries, and that includes the UAE.

Creators of popular digital content online are now quite important in the UAE during 2021, as they will offer the world an eye into life in the country.

3. Healthcare service professionals

Due to the pandemic, humanity is seeing a huge interest in healthcare services that can help avoid future health crises after COVID-19, such as laboratory assistants and counselors.

4. E-commerce professionals

Influenced by the digital transition driven by lockdowns and pandemic restrictions, professionals with a background in online shopping businesses, have great chances of employment in the UAE during 2021.

5. Digital marketing specialists

Similarly, professionals who can help e-commerce platforms boost their performance and attract more consumers by setting up outstanding marketing plans and campaigns can be a real gem in the UAE.

6. Business developers

As the UAE hosts a considerable number of startups and small businesses, it is only natural to see an increase in the popularity of business developers in the country.

7. Professional and personal coaches

The pandemic crisis has left so many people in need of coaches who can guide them through the hard times, whether we are talking about professional ones who can provide job-market-related training or personal ones.

8.  Artists

In response to the state's policy of promoting creative industries, the UAE has been offering generous grants for artists in the different creative spheres, hoping to encourage the art scene in the country, including painters, illustrators, writers, and designers.

9. Educators

This need goes hand in hand with the growing number of people moving to the country, which means more families and more students in different levels.

10. Translators 

In countries with a vast majority of expats coming from all over the world, the need for translators from and to most languages gains extra significance. In the UAE in particular, being an international trade hub in the region, translation services are increasingly on-demand.

11. Business administrators

Just as expected, as the business world recovers from the aftermath of the pandemic, business administrators in the different roles will have great chances in the UAE during this year.

12. Tech professionals

Whether we are talking about 2021 or any other year in the next few decades, technology and IT professionals will always have a chance in the UAE as the world has proved to be digitally-oriented.

13. Engineers

With more and more projects waiting to be implemented in the near future, specialized engineers are going to be important for the 2021 recovery in the UAE.

14. Finance executives

As the world recovers from a crucial economic shock, financial experts, analysts, and advisors are going to be in demand, to provide the different businesses with the needed recommendations for the next few years.

15. Online journalists

The new industry has felt a huge impact following the coronavirus outbreak, especially that more and more print papers have stopped the physical copies and have adopted digital ones only. This has led to a spike in demand for journalists who can write for the online audience and can use digital content management systems.

Do you think that the new job market trends in the UAE have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

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