Meta Tests Twitch-Like Platform Called Super

Published August 8th, 2022 - 07:08 GMT
Meta Tests Twitch-Like Platform Called Super
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Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, has been secretly testing Super, a live-streaming platform modelled after Twitch, according to a Business Insider report.

As per Mashable, Meta had reached out to influencers to test the platform, and they gave the publication information and a complete deck of slides that the business has been using to pitch the service to creators. Super has only been used by a hundred creators so far.

A Meta representative said in a statement given to Business Insider that Super is a totally distinct product and not a part of its other platforms, like Facebook or Instagram.

The public can access Super's website. The website's footer states that the service is provided "by NPE Team from Meta." The developer team at Meta known as NPE works on the release of new applications. There don't seem to be any additional references to Meta on Super's website besides that footer.

Super has been discussed in news reports before. In contrast to how it was described in a Bloomberg report from 2020, the product is very different today. Super was promoted at the time as a "Cameo-inspired tool" that would enable Facetime-style calling between famous people and their fans.

Some features, like the ability to take selfies with creators, do appear to have been carried over. The platform appears to have changed course to become more of a Twitch rival for live streaming, though.

According to the pitch deck, Super will give creators a similar opportunity to monetize their streams as Twitch does. Viewers can donate to their favourite creator and purchase supplemental content through tiered subscriptions.

For the time being, the creator keeps all of their earnings. The pitch deck also features a sponsorship programme where companies can pay to have their marketing materials heavily integrated into a creator's Super stream.

Creators wouldn't need a lot of technical or graphic design expertise to set up a well-designed Livestream because Super appears to have integrated specific video layouts directly into its product. Additionally, there are pre-built features like trivia and giveaway modules that enable creators to quickly incorporate those activities into a stream.

Some influencers have received payments of up to USD3,000 to test out Super for 30 minutes. According to another source who spoke with the outlet, there were also "paid incentives based on the performance of the live stream."

It's interesting to note that Super and Meta's other products, like Instagram and Facebook, don't seem to be integrated. On Super's website, users only have the choice to "Sign in with Google" after clicking "Login."

Surprisingly, TikTok is the only other platform mentioned in the website's FAQ. In the section where Super explains how to simulcast your stream to TikTok Live, the viral video platform is mentioned, Mashable confirmed.

Super is currently in the early stages of testing, as reported by Meta. If and when it will be made available to the general public is unknown. Currently, creators can register with an email address and ask to be given early access to the platform. 

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