Oman links up with German powerhouse

Oman links up with German powerhouse
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Published October 7th, 2012 - 06:57 GMT via

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Oman is forging ties with Germany
Oman is forging ties with Germany

Germany will continue to work closely with Oman in helping to develop the education sector and vocational training to assist in creating job opportunities, according to the newly-appointed arrived German Ambassador to Oman, H E Hans-Christian Freiherr von Reibnitz.

In an interview with Muscat Daily, H E von Reibnitz said that he would look to continue with the work that his predecessor had performed heading the German diplomatic mission and would also look to explore new areas for cooperation such as tourism.

Making sure that Omani nationals are able to get education and employment inside their country without having to travel overseas is another area for potential cooperation.

“Education and healthcare will continue to be the main focus, but we also look to further develop economic cooperation between Germany and Oman. We have other opportunities and alternatives to develop, such as transport and tourism.

"With good education and job opportunities, there will be no reason for Omani nationals to not stay and work in the country, in that sense the Federal Republic of Germany is more than willing to assist,” H E von Reibnitz said.

“I would also like to help with regards to vocational training. One of the issues we will have to tackle is how we can help bring work to the (Omani) people. It is very important to get support for that because it is the anchor for stability.”

Efforts will also be made to try and balance out the bilateral export and import figures, which are at present heavily weighted towards German exports to the sultanate, given the high demand for state of the art equipment and technology in the region.

There is also potential for security-related trade to be boosted in the coming years, added H E von Reibnitz, through German-owned companies or multinational firms, with German participation.

“There is well-developed competition in the market but I don't think that is a reason for them to shy away. There is no reason not to work together in all of these areas. There are clear legal boundaries for what German companies can export, but there can be cooperation.”

During his time heading the mission in the sultanate, H E von Reibnitz said that he would work to improve the excellent ties between the two countries. “Bilateral relations rely on a variety of factors, especially in the region. Our relations with the sultanate are excellent because we trust one another.”

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