Abu Dhabi Customs launches vehicle screening device in Khatm Al Shikla and new checkpoint lanes for tourist vehicles in Al Madheef

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Published February 22nd, 2017 - 09:08 GMT
The Acting Director General and strategic partners
The Acting Director General and strategic partners

The General Administration of Customs- Abu Dhabi has launched a new device for scanning and inspecting tourist vehicles transiting through Khatm Al Shikla in Al Ain city as part of its efforts to implement the strategic plan to adopt the latest technology and provide logistical support that facilitates legal trade and increases the efficiency of operations. New lanes at Al Madheef Customs Centre have also been added, in order to serve passengers and facilitate their entry to the country, bringing up the total number of tracks to four.

Mohamed Khadem Al Hameli, Acting Director General of the General Administration of Customs- Abu Dhabi, launched the (Z Portal) device in Khatm Al Shikla Centre in Al Ain City in the presence of Directors and Division Heads from Abu Dhabi Customs, alongside a number of other managers and strategic partners. The Z Portal device was produced by the American Science & Engineering Inc. (AS&E).

The Z Portal device is one of the latest developments in systems used globally for scanning and inspecting tourist cars from hood to trunk using radioactive rays. Also, the device has the ability to examine and scan 120 cars in an hour. This helps accelerate and facilitate travel procedures, without compromising security and therefore, preventing illegal operations in the country.

The Acting Director General of the General Administration of Customs- Abu Dhabi emphasised that Abu Dhabi Custom strives to be one of the leading customs administrations and to be one that is most supportive of facilitating legal trade. Devices, such as the Z portal, have the ability to penetrate the vehicle to reveal all its contents— besides identifying banned and prohibited substances—without any negative impact on the vehicle, or any of the foods items and people inside it. Likewise, it has no negative impact on the people operating the device. Al Hameli revealed that the number of vehicles inspected by the Z Portal device during 2012 is 1.5 million vehicles. This figure increased by 65% in 2016, due to the device’s usage at Al Ghuwaifat Customs Center.

Furthermore, Al Hameli explained that all customs inspection officials employed at Abu Dhabi Customs are Emirati citizens. They are constantly being trained, via specialized classes, to analyse and compare photos taken through scanning devices with information provided in advance. Performance accuracy and speed of delivery are also taken into consideration.

The Acting Director General also inaugurated the new checkpoint lanes at Al Madheef Customs Centre in Al Ain, which have expedited the inspection of tourist cars and passenger paperwork processes.

Al Hameli further elaborated: “Al Madheef customs centre had issues with congestion due to the availability of only two lanes for passengers entering the UAE, with up to 4,500 tourist vehicles arriving daily. Thus, we have increased the number of lanes at checkpoints to four, resulting in a smoother, easier and more thorough process of inspection and registration of each vehicle. This upgrade has also led to better passenger control and faster traffic flows.”

The Acting Director General concluded stating that the installation of modern equipment alongside new checkpoint lanes are both part of a greater strategy to employ technology in security procedures, in order to facilitate and accelerate the inspection process along with reducing the error rate to a minimum. Furthermore, these efforts are intended to help customs centres meet all their needs, by providing the necessary logistical and human support, supplying them with modern machines and equipment, in parallel to training courses for all inspectors and staff. This affords Abu Dhabi Customs employees the opportunity to gain more distinguished experience, and enables them to fully take on their responsibilities, safeguarding the nation around the clock.  

Background Information

Abu Dhabi Customs

Abu Dhabi Customs plays a leading and vital role in the prosperity of Abu Dhabi through the continuous support it provides to the economy and security of the UAE in general and Abu Dhabi in particular. 

It has contributed to the sustainable development of the Capital and the development of its competitiveness in the field of international trade. Abu Dhabi Customs also preserved the security of the homeland and citizens and protects the local community and the environment.


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