Abu Dhabi Municipality Showcases Leading Projects, Facilities & Markets at Cityscape 2018

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Published April 18th, 2018 - 05:55 GMT
The service shall be available for registered developers and projects registered in the real estate development register at Abu Dhabi City Municipality.
The service shall be available for registered developers and projects registered in the real estate development register at Abu Dhabi City Municipality.

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) will be part of the Urban Planning & Municipalities Department’ pavilion at Cityscape 2018 Exhibition. It will display several infrastructure projects, community service and facilities aimed at improving the quality of life and ensuring Abu Dhabi's pioneering role in achieving high growth rates. The event echoes our leaders vision and attention to consolidate sustainable development and develop ways and means for improving the welfare of the community.

HE Saif Bader Al Qubaisi, General Manager of Abu Dhabi City Municipality, said: “The Municipality’s participation in Cityscape is primarily aimed at educating the community about the Municipality's vision, objectives and projects, besides showcasing the projects coaxing a quantum shift in service delivery, and bolstering the development drive seen by Abu Dhabi.”

"Following the successes of previous editions, Cityscape Exhibition is a global forum that attracts an elite bunch of experts in various development projects. The Municipality’s keenness to interact with such important events, conferences and exhibitions is part of a strategy to prop up partnership with the private sector in the delivery of comprehensive development plans & projects in Abu Dhabi emirate. The Municipality’s participation also echoes its vision to provide recreational facilities and modern services that offer a variety of entertainment outlets to residents to ensure the highest standards of living and prosperity. This would further enhance Abu Dhabi’s standing as a world-class economic, leisure and tourist attraction,” added Al Qubaisi.

In this edition of Cityscape Exhibition, the Municipality showcases several distinguished projects including modern community markets in Abu Dhabi suburbs, pioneering infrastructure project in Abu Dhabi's East Sector 6 in Abu Dhabi city, and service stations project in Shahama, Rahba, Wathba and Falah, in addition, banquet halls in Mohammed bin Zayed City and Shakhbut City. The Municipality will also offer property units registration service during the exhibition as per simple and fast procedures.

Two community markets in Nahda and Samha

This year, the Municipality has signed a Musataha agreement with the private sector to establish and run two communal markets in Nahda and Samha cities, whereby a private sector company will design, construct, operate and invest the two projects.

The community market in Nahda City has an area of more than 19,000 square meters with a floor area of about 12,000 square meters. The project, which costs 47.2 million dirhams, will be completed in two years from the signing of the agreement.

Samha community market has a floor area of 10,432 square meters, costing 39.7 million dirhams. The project is expected to complete in two years from the signing of the agreement.

According to the Municipality, the two projects are part of the 3-in-1 concept where retail stores, communal facilities, public service facilities will be provided for communities, neighbourhoods and strategic partners. This would realise the Municipality’s aims of serving customers in neighbourhoods and residential areas on the mainland and the island of Abu Dhabi.

Service stations in Wathba, Rahba, Shahama and Falah

Pursuant to an agreement and a number of contracts signed in January 2018 between the Abu Dhabi City Municipality and real estate investors & developers, four service stations will be built and operated at Wathba, Rahba, Shahama and Falah. The Municipality is also developing a number of private sector-run service stations at neighbourhoods in Abu Dhabi mainland. These service stations will provide a wide range of services including woodworking, home appliance repair, plumbing, electricity and air conditioning services, tires & auto spare parts trade, car repair & car wash, etc. This project is expected to be operational in less than three years.

In terms of cost, Wathba Service Station has a cost of AED 16.5 million while Rahba Station costs AED 16.5 million. Shahama Service Station costs AED 16.5 and Falah Station costs AED 18.8 million.

The combined total land area of Rahba, Wathba, Shahama and Falah Service Stations is 19996 square meters. The floor area of Rahba Service Station is 5550 square meters, Wathba & Shahama Service Stations are 5570 square meters each, while Falah Service Station is 4999 square meters.

Real Estate Registration Services

Through it stand in Cityscape, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality offers the property units registration service. Registration procedures are completed by the developer who will send the provisional sale contract duly signed and endorsed by the developer and investor to the concerned employee. The employee has to review the contract and personal documents, collect the municipal fees, endorse the registration in the primary real estate register, and issue a certificate that the unit sold to the investor off the plan had as been registered in the primary real estate register.

The service shall be available for registered developers and projects registered in the real estate development register at Abu Dhabi City Municipality, who have fulfilled all permits of ads, selling and offering through the Property Marketing Platform, and those developers who haven’t breached any provisions of the Real Estate Regulatory Law in Abu Dhabi in the projects offered for sale in Cityscape.

Developers can send the initial selling contract signed with buyers to the counter of Abu Dhabi City Municipality in Cityscape, and the developer has to be responsible for the soundness of all the information provided to the Municipality. The Municipality’s staff shall take action and issue the certificate upon the payment of fees.

The registration of property units has multiple benefits such as supporting developers and the real estate market in Abu Dhabi Emirate, boost the confidence of investors in property developers as well as the real estate projects in Abu Dhabi city through adopting such a transparent approach. The fee applicable to property units sold off plan is 2% of the property value.

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