Abu-Ghazaleh Holds Panel Discussion on Anti-Cybercrimes Unit and Its Role

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Published October 15th, 2018 - 05:29 GMT
Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh welcomed the attendees, stressing that TAG-KF was established as a platform for research, study and submitting suggestions and recommendations.
Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh welcomed the attendees, stressing that TAG-KF was established as a platform for research, study and submitting suggestions and recommendations.

Under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, TAG Knowledge Forum (TAG-KF) held, a panel discussion on “Anti-Cybercrimes Unit and its Role in combating Rumors, Fabricated Videos and Character Assassination”, with the Unit Director General Major Raed Rawashdeh.

Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh welcomed the attendees, stressing that TAG-KF was established as a platform for research, study and submitting suggestions and recommendations with the aim of providing an opportunity for all to express their ideas on various issues.

Meanwhile, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh warned against any slander or insult to HM King Abdullah II, which would be an insult to the whole country since HM the King is the symbol of the country, pointing out that the legal article in this regard is clear and criminalizes such an act.

Article 195 of the Jordan Penal Code punishes with one to three years' imprisonment anyone who attributes untrue actions or statements to the King. The Article criminalizes anyone who proves audacity to insult his Majesty the King or sends a text, audio or electronic message, or image or caricature of his Majesty the King in a way that undermines him.

For his part, Major Al Rawashdeh reiterated the words of HM King Abdullah that the rule of law is the basis for protecting public and private rights  and that no one is above the law, pointing out that the Prosecutor Office is always open to receive any complaints in this regard and noting that the Anti-Cyber Crimes Unit doesn’t favor any person since it operates under the umbrella of the law.


Al Rawashdeh said that Jordan registered 6,200 cybercrimes in 2018 while the number of such crimes in 2017 reached 5,700, however, the Unit only dealt with 48 cases in 2015, attributing the increase in the number of cases to the prevalence of smartphones and the excessive use of technology.

Furthermore, he also affirmed that the Unit works to serve citizens and cooperates with international companies to follow up on cybercrime cases including social media networks which significantly respond and cooperate particularly in cases related to violence against children.

Concerning electronic applications, Al Rawashdeh urged everyone to check the terms and conditions for using such applications, especially camera use due to their potential dangers on privacy.

Regarding social media sites, Al Rawashdeh said that according to a recently conducted study, Jordan is ranked among the top countries that use Facebook, warning people against posting social-nature photos.

Furthermore, he called parents and families to monitor their children’s use of Internet and smart devices, noting that 40% of children have optical problems because of the long time they spend using such devices according to a medical study.

During the session, Al Rawashdeh revealed that the Unit dealt with a few cases of sexual extortion of persons who paid their blackmailers instead of resorting to legal methods, adding that many children were exposed to sexual abuse and extortion by mentally ill individuals.

Regarding the spread of rumors, Al Rawashdeh said that the Unit conducts awareness campaigns to minimize the circulation of rumors, citing examples of rumors about distributing narcotics to school students in the shape of strawberry candies and sweets, pointing out that some of these rumors aim at undermining the country’s economy or extorting investors or companies and calling on people to stop circulating such fake news. 

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