Abu Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum’s International Marketing of Jordan Committee Issues Its Report

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Published April 23rd, 2018 - 07:40 GMT
During the event
During the event

The International Marketing of Jordan Committee of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum (TAGKF) issued its report emphasizing that knowledge has become the driving force of world economy.

The Committee, headed by Dr. Areej Yasin, a Professor at the Yarmouk University, finalized its report taking into consideration the Royal vision for attainment of sustainable economic development goals.

Based on Jordan’s wealth of touristic and investment attractions, the committee made a recommendation for the establishment of an ‘International Marketing of Jordan Department’ at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the management and follow- up of international programs and initiatives for marketing Jordanian products, industries, services and human resources.

Moreover, the Committee underlined the need for internationally published written articles and feature stories, in English and Arabic, that showcase and promote Jordanian achievements at all levels, organization of international and local marketing conferences and seminars, participation in global events for investment and tourism promotion, production of promotional videos in cooperation with well-known international and Jordanian personalities to be displayed on screens of international airlines, social media and other top ranked websites.

The report’s recommendations also include the establishment of a mobile Jordanian exhibition containing several booths devoted to displaying Jordanian entrepreneurship, investment, educational services, medical, services, tourist destinations, history and culture, arts and traditions among others.

In addition, the Committee called for the establishment of a professional training program for employees of tourism and investment relevant government and private organizations, to deliver instruction on dealing with investors and visitors to the Kingdom as well as instructing public relations departments at all related institutions to choose appropriate souvenirs and handicrafts for marketing Jordan and its heritage.

Furthermore, the Committee suggested the composition of a musical theme featuring Jordanian folkloric musical instruments to be used in marketing campaigns and promotional videos, in addition to proposing several tourism marketing slogans such as: 'Jordan: Great Achievements', 'Jordan: Where Past and Future Meet', 'Jordan: One Nation Several Cultures among others'.

The Committee's strategy is based on introducing and promoting Jordan as a civilized, social, touristic and economic product which embraces the Arab nation.

In addition to Dr. Areej Yasin, the Committee consists of Dr. Ahmad Al Sharay’ah, Professor at the University of Jordan, Dr. Afaf Abu Zer, Professor at Philadelphia University, Dr. Musa Al Husain, expert, Dr. Yahia Al Alami, expert, Engineer Hadil Al Omari, Jordan Engineers Association, Mr. Khaled Al Shayeb, Mr. Bassam Al Shayeb and Mr. Bassam Joudeh.

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