ACT marks Global Safety Day with comprehensive awareness campaign

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Published April 29th, 2015 - 10:25 GMT
Aqaba Container Terminal
Aqaba Container Terminal

As part of its continued efforts to raise awareness on the importance of workplace health and safety, Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) recently marked global Safety Day with an awareness campaign held in collaboration with other terminals within the APM terminals network. This year, the campaign focused on the importance of intervention when it comes to safety, under the heading globally “ Safe at home , at work “ and locally of “if you see it, you own it.”

Building on its longstanding expertise in the field, the management of ACT developed a comprehensive internal campaign that tackled several critical safety issues, including operational best practices, traffic safety, drug abuse, health and personal hygiene, and others. The campaign utilized a variety of modern communication tools, including awareness videos featuring members of the terminal’s senior management and workforce, informational banners placed throughout the terminal, and various social media platforms. The campaign also extended to target third party external truckers, providing them with comprehensive information on traffic safety inside the terminal and on the road.

The event’s agenda also featured numerous initiatives that demonstrated ACT’s commitment to raising safety awareness within its internal culture. One such initiative was the “Safety Walk & Talk,” which saw members of the terminal’s senior management providing hands-on guidance to employees as part of a comprehensive tour of the terminal, during which potential safety hazards and areas of improvement were identified and addressed on the spot. The walk allowed the management to raise awareness on common safety issues while further entrenching the importance of intervention, even on an individual scale.

ACT also collaborated with the Jordan Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to conduct an awareness session on the negative impact of drug abuse on personal health and workplace safety, offering attendees a multitude of case studies that demonstrated the critical nature of the issue. Other awareness campaigns were also held on an internal level in order to further stress the importance of intervention and its potential for saving lives. 

ACT's CEO Jeppe Jensen explained that this event and its associated knowledge-building campaigns are considered key long-term investments by ACT and represent an essential direction for the terminal's human resources management strategy. He noted that such a dedicated approach is required to guarantee the maintenance of world-class health and safety standards within the terminal, which remains one of the top priorities of its long-term agenda. Jensen also stressed that the terminal implements an integrated, long-term safety strategy that tackles issues at every critical touch point, a strategy that relies first and foremost on building awareness through comprehensive training.

ACT's Global Safety Day campaign comes as part of a series of activities regularly organized by the terminal and APM Terminals worldwide to guarantee harmonious workflow and long-term worker welfare. It is worth noting the terminal is a joint collaboration between the Aqaba Development Company and APM Terminals, operating under a 25-year concession agreement signed in 2006.

Background Information

Aqaba Container Terminal

In 2003, the Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC), on behalf of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, was on a mission to acquire a strategic partnership to improve the efficiency, capacity and the operational performance of the container terminal in Aqaba. After signing a Terminal Management Contract with ADC in 2004, APM Terminals (part of the global A.P. Møller–Maersk Group), took over the management and operation of the terminal.

A 25-year Joint Development Agreement (JDA) was signed between ADC and the Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) in 2006. Under the contract, APM Terminals Jordan operates, manages and markets ACT in addition to executing the Master Plan, which anticipates achieving a drastic increase of throughput capacity through a combination of physical and operational improvements.

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