Abu Dhabi City Municipality Completes Maintenance of Infrastructure at Al Wathba, Zayed City and Musaffah

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Published December 24th, 2017 - 07:32 GMT
During the event
During the event

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has completed a comprehensive project involving extensive maintenance infrastructure works at Al Wathba, Zayed City and Musaffah covering rehabilitation of roads, greens, lighting & irrigation networks, and pavements.

The project is part of the overall maintenance plan aimed at upgrading & renovating the infrastructural components as well as protecting the urban appearance of cities and providing the best service facilities. It stems from the keenness of the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities to protect and renew the superb greens, date trees, bushes, and flowers in Abu Dhabi city and the neighbourhood. The objective of such works is to protect the striking and coherent appearance of cities, and continue uplifting the public facilities, parks, streets and pavements. The Municipality will proceed ahead with the maintenance plan to cover the entire geographical environs of the Municipality.

Maintenance & Rehabilitation Works at Al Wathba

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has accomplished the operation and maintenance of landscaping and local irrigation networks project in the Mainland, namely Al Wathba, Al Nahda and Al Faya. Landscaping works included the cleaning and reviving of basins of date trees, trimming & fertilising trees on trucks road, erecting tree basins at Al Faya Camp, and cleaning palm fronds Al Nahda & Trucks Road. The project also includes cutting and defining greens, cutting palm fronds, maintaining flowers, raising tree basins, revamping lighting poles, trimming trees of Al Wathba Park, applying insecticides and trimming greens of Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Road as well as Al Khatm Park. The project also included civil works such as the cleaning of passages and maintenance of soil coverings from dust and landscaping.

The Municipality has completed the operation, maintenance and landscaping work in addition to irrigation networks in the area to the south of Abu Dhabi – Suwaihan Road. As for agricultural works, the Municipality has completed the maintenance of Baniyas Park including cutting grass, repairing & installing irrigation pipes, and cutting dry branches, maintaining Pheromone traps in the surroundings of Baniyas Mosque and Ghabat Al Nakheel/East 11. Works also included cutting and trimming of greens in the surroundings of Al Shamkha mosques, and fertilising flowers in the entrance of Carrefour.

The Municipality has also carried out full maintenance and rehabilitation works for toilets at Baniyas Park, and the cleaning and maintenance as well as the removal of waste from Baniyas Park. It has also undertaken cleaning and maintenance works of walkways of Al Shamkha Playgrounds, children games and the control panels of Baniyas Park.

Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Musaffah

In the same context, the Abu Dhabi City has also undertaken wide-ranging maintenance works of greeneries covering the entrance of the second bridge in the direction of Mohammed bin Zayed city and trimming soil cover in an area of around of 5000 square meters. About 1000 bushes in the same area were trimmed, and the waste was removed. In Musaffah Industrial Area, the campaign trimmed 200 trees of different types and soil covering in an area of about 5000 square meters. It also included modifying and maintaining the irrigation network in the median of Street 8 at Musaffah, cleaning the ceramic in R/As, verifying the reliability and validity of irrigation network, and removing wastes and leftovers.

Maintenance in Zayed City

In Zayed City and suburban areas, the Municipality has carried out maintenance infrastructural works including operating and maintaining landscaped areas as well as local irrigation networks, trimming soil covers in Al Fursan Street and Al Raha Mall, removing flowers and marigold, cutting greens at the Airport Street and removing weeds. Works also included cutting fences, collecting waste, moving and aerating soil for growing marigolds in GI Park at Zayed City, trimming & fertilising greens at Raha Mall, cutting soil covers, and collecting waste of villas of Emiratis in Zayed City. Works also included applying insecticides in Forests 76 and 74 at the Palm Date Triangle, and carrying out electromechanical works in Park SE24 and Park SE02 as well as some villas. Other works covered maintenance of water sprinklers in the surroundings of Al Mafraq Hospital, maintenance of the irrigation network at Zayed Forest, removing weeds, cutting soil cover and fertilising plantations in 48 villas at Zayed City.

As regards roads maintenance, the Municipality started in cutting and removing the asphalt in some roads at Khalifa City in preparation for replacing and rehabilitating it. The Municipality also started the preparations and repair of the sand foundation layer, flooring, and compacting the stone foundation in some areas of Khalifa City as well as the area extending from Sas Al Nakhl to Al Maqtaa Fort.

The general maintenance and rehabilitation plan will roll on to cover all areas under the environs of the Municipality in a bid to uplift and maintain the calibre of public facilities to realise the needs and expectations of the community and partners and contribute to boosting the standards of sustainable development.

Background Information

بلدية مدينة أبوظبي

نعمل في دائرة التخطيط العمراني والبلديات على تفعيل استراتيجية أبوظبي للتطوير الشامل وندعمها من خلال خطة أبوظبي وترجمة مبادئها الجوهرية إلى واقع مَلموس بعملنا على تطوير خطط هيكلية استراتيجية تساعد في رسم ملامح مستقبل التطور المتكامل لإمارة أبوظبي استناداً إلى أُسس مدروسة تدخل فيها اعتبارات البنية التحتية، والبيئة، وسهولة الوصول، والنسيج العمراني، ومساحات الأراضي المتاحة وأفضل استخداماتها، والخدمات التي تمكننا من إعداد استراتيجيات تخطيطية تغطي جميع أرجاء الإمارة.


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