AOC launches sleek, ultra low power consumption, LED Monitor

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Published October 6th, 2011 - 07:37 GMT
AOC e950Sw LED Monitor
AOC e950Sw LED Monitor

AOC, part of Taiwan based TPV Technology Limited, and the largest display manufacturer in the world today, announced the launch of a 18.5 inches screen attractive, slim monitors with clean styling, eco-friendly, value for money AOC e950Sw LED Monitor in the Middle East and Africa region.

The new LED backlights monitor contains no toxic mercury (Hg) to contaminate the environment, and offer substantially lower power consumption than traditional monitors, further reduced with user-selectable power-saving display modes and switch-off timer.

Although e950Sw presents simple monitors with a focus on value, AOC has not skimped on display dynamics, with a vivid contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1 DCR ensuring clear visibility and vibrant images.

The new monitor is a slim and rounded design with the back of the cabinet and top surface of the base feature a luxurious brushed texture. Control buttons are discreetly recessed underneath the shiny-edged screen bezel.

PC and power connectors are rear-facing for direct insertion, more convenient than more common downward-pointing ports.

Suchit Kumar, DGM, Sales MENA & CIS Central Asia, AOC says, “AOC e950Sw is a highly competitive, feature rich, eco-friendly LED monitor is a value for money LED monitor targeted at price conscious consumers who are upgrading their display systems from CRT or LCD to LED. We believe this monitor will open up a big market for our channel partners to tap into.”

Background Information


AOC is a global brand providing the best display technology worldwide

Since 1967, AOC has had a single vision: to bring everyone access to the age of technology through quality visual displays. After it was founded in Taiwan, AOC quickly expanded globally, with AOC displays now sold in over 115 countries. AOC has tripled its market share in Europe since 2009 and has recently ranked #1 in monitor sales in the Asia Pacific region, recording an impressive 18.5% overall market share in 2017 (IDC Worldwide Monitor Tracker). For four years in a row, AOC has been awarded the “Gold Brand” distinction by the Gold Brands Council in the Philippines.

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