ASUS showcases the latest Aura-Enabled components and innovative 3D-printed parts at gamescom

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Published August 28th, 2016 - 09:51 GMT

ASUS Middle East today announced the latest synchronized Aura RGB lighting technology and 3D-printed parts for PC components and peripherals. These are designed to give gamers new and exciting customization options, allowing them to express their personal style while at the same time enhancing their PC’s aesthetics, performance and functionality. Aura features nine programmable RGB LED effects that can be synchronized between the motherboard and graphics cards. The latest 3D-printed parts include personalized nameplates, cable combs, an M.2 fan holder, and covers for the motherboard I/O, cables and the SLI-bridge. There are also several conceptual 3D-printed parts and accessories for the ROG Claymore gaming keyboard and ROG Spatha gaming mouse.

Unlimited PC customization possibilities

Visitors to the ROG booth at the recent Gamescom were shown ROG 3DMod — a Join the Aura Republic water-cooled build created by Alexander Hede, who is better known as Ace Finland in the modding community. His build gives gamers and modders a preview of what a professional can do with Aura RGB lighting and 3D-printed parts.

Mainstream gamers can start with simple 3D-printed nameplates, and other practical designs to improve the look or functionality of their build. These range from an M.2 fan holder or motherboard I/O and cable covers for the Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard, and an SLI-bridge cover and cable combs for the ROG Strix 1080 graphic card. .

ROG 3DMod – Join the Aura Republic

The ROG 3DMod is a water-cooled build that features Aura RGB lighting and 3D-printed parts. It has nine programmable lighting effects that can be synchronized across its ROG Rampage V Edition 10 motherboard, ROG Strix 1080 graphics card and attached RGB light strips. These LED effects can be seen from outside the chassis case, thanks to a 3D-printed front panel with grilles and a ROG 10th anniversary logo.

The build also features a cable cover on the motherboard and 3D-printed fan shrouds for its water-cooled radiator and graphics card. The fan shrouds protect the radiator cooling fans without compromising airflow and performance.

ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard

The 3D-printing-friendly ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard gets a 3D-printed M.2 fan holder, and cable and motherboard I/O covers. The fan holder helps secure a 40 by 40mm fan to cool the area around the M.2 interface, the cable cover keeps internal cabling tidy and neat, while the I/O cover provides a customized look to the motherboard. These additions give the motherboard a new look and additional functionality. Together with the 3D-printed M.2 nameplates and protective armor launched earlier this year, they give users more customization options.

SLI bridge cover and cable combs

The 3D-printed SLI-bridge cover helps improve the look of multi-GPU setups. The sample displayed at Gamescom has a design that works well with ROG Strix 1080 graphics cards, but it can be customized for more personalized designs. Cable combs help keep internal 24-pin power supply cables neat and organized.

ROG peripherals: ROG Claymore and ROG Spatha

3D-printed design concepts for some ROG peripherals were also on display. The ROG Claymore mechanical gaming keyboard gets 3D-printed protective covers for the side panels, a dust cover for the numeric keypad, signature ROG keycaps and a ROG keycap puller.

A 3D-printed right-side-panel for the ROG Spatha gaming mouse was also on show for users looking for a more tailored grip. This new modular panel has a narrow design that is suited for gamers with a fingertip-style grip. The original panel is designed for a wider grip and offers a ring finger rest.

ASUS intends to release a variety of 3D source files on the ROG forum. These include customizable nameplates, an M.2 fan holder and SLI-bridge cover to make it easy for users to create expressive builds with enhanced functionality. Hobbyists can download these designs and integrate them seamlessly into their own gaming rig builds.

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