Canadian University Dubai Opens Scholarships for Four Lucky Canadians

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Published July 12th, 2017 - 05:41 GMT
Canadian University Dubai
Canadian University Dubai

Canadian University Dubai, in participation with the Embassy of Canada to the United Arab Emirates, announced its annual Canada Day scholarship on July 01, 2017 during the University’s Canada Day party. The scholarship, which is open to Canadian citizens, will provide four students with a full four year scholarship, provided they choose to transfer to one of the University’s strategic partner institutions in Canada after their first or second year. 

The partner universities include Ryerson University, located in Toronto, Ontario, Queen’s University, located in Kingston, Ontario, and the University of New Brunswick, located in Fredericton and Saint John, New Brunswick and Wilfred Laurier University, located in Waterloo, Ontario, among many others across Canada.

“This scholarship is not only a small gift for the nation whose name we carry, but is also a demonstration of our commitment to our strategic partners, who have collaborated with us to develop our top quality programs,” says Dr. Karim Chelli, Canadian University Dubai’s President and Vice Chancellor. “Of course we offer scholarships for academics, sports and special needs, which are open to everyone from every nationality, but not one that’s specific to Canadians, which is why we’ve launched this initiative. I think students, who are Canadian citizens, but who have grown up as expatriates in the Middle East, will find it especially appealing as their first year with us will act as an introduction to the Canadian curriculum, as well as Canada’s community spirit.”

The scholarship is open to any Canadian who is looking to enter their first year of university with Canadian University Dubai with the recipients being chosen by a committee that includes representatives from the strategic partner institutions. The committee will review the applicant’s grades and a 300 word essay they submit explaining why they should be considered, and expressing their intent to transfer to one of the partner institutions.

Students will also be expected to engage in Canadian University Dubai’s work experience programs, and volunteer with the University regularly so that they can gain the work experience skills they need to adjust to expectations in Canada and from future employers.

The applicants should express their interest in pursuing a degree designed in collaboration between Canadian University Dubai and the strategic partner. For Ryerson University, this would be the Bachelor of Creative Industries program, which seeks to combine business acumen with the creative arts in order to educate the next generation of creative industry leaders. 

“Ryerson University's Creative Industries program allows students to learn in one of Canada's most dynamic cities.” Says Charles Falzon, Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) at Ryerson University. “Students can use the cityscape to strengthen their resume and explore the growing sectors of these industries including communications, media, and design. We look forward to hosting Canadian University Dubai students in the near future.”

While those enrolled in the University’s Bachelor of Business Administration programs, Engineering and Computing programs and Psychology and Social Work, should want to transfer to the University of New Brunswick, Queen’s University and Wilfred Laurier respectively.  

Students interested in other programs and their coinciding strategic partners are urged to contact Canadian University Dubai for more information at, and interested applicants can forward their applications, including their high school transcripts, passport copy and 300 word essay, to the same email address.

Background Information

Canadian University of Dubai

In pursuit of academic excellence, Canadian University of Dubai was founded as a visionary initiative. Determined to leverage on North American and European diverse learning culture, the University is committed to provide a plethora of opportunities in work, research, and learning. Additionally, the curriculum, teaching methods and support services are provided by proficient and enthusiastic Canadian and European faculty who teach programs that suit learners’ needs for a labour market of ever changing competition.

The University offers a wide spectrum of education choices for the aspiring learners to carve a niche in respective fields complemented by practices to hone their skills before they enter into a Certificate, Diploma or Degree program.

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