City Centre Rotana Doha Hosts Dreama Bright Minds to Learn Leadership Traits

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Published August 28th, 2018 - 10:56 GMT
During the event
During the event

City Centre Rotana Doha, one of the leading hospitality properties in town, as part of its corporate social responsibility initiative, hosted bright minds of Orphans Care Center (Dreama), where they got to learn leadership tactics from the hotel’s senior management.

During the week-long program, 10 students of Dreama in different age groups above 18 years old were invited to City Centre Rotana Doha to learn about the hospitality sector. Divided in groups of three, each student got a chance to be with the head of the departments from Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Sales, Food and Beverage, Security, Front Office, Catering and Events who mentored them. Shadowing a senior leader was a unique opportunity to experience leadership first hand for students at Dreama.

The initiative reflects City Centre Rotana Doha’s undeterred commitment to assist the young minds towards the corporate ladder and make them future ready through such endeavors. It also reiterated City Centre Rotan Doha’s commitment to Qatar National Vision 2030 where education and human development are given special emphasis.

Maryam bint Ali bin Nasser al Missned, Executive Director, Dreama, stressed on the importance of this program in terms of focusing on education, field training and the involvement of the children of the Orphans Care Center (Dreama) in a practical field experience, which is a fruitful addition to their learning and practical abilities and add to their accumulated experience, which will be more refined through training and living the job shadowing experiences closely. It will also unleash their abilities to discover the potentials and talents they possess, thereby enhancing their confidence and enthusiasm and their desire to learn and develop their skills.

Al Missned added, “We, at Dreama, thrust a lot on the importance of involving our children in this type of programs especially during the summer vacation, which is an opportunity for them to practice hobbies and activities suitable for them before joining their next academic session. During this year's summer vacation, we also focused on diversifying the programs offered to the children and their participation in the summer programs in collaboration with different bodies and institutions in the country.”

Al-Missned extended her gratitude to the management of City Centre Rotana Doha and thanked them for inviting the center’s students and providing them with the opportunity to train and learn from the hotel’s senior staff, which aims to achieve the empowerment and social integration of students.

The invitation is not the first of the City Centre Rotana Doha to Dreama, where the hotel has made many collaborations with the Dreama over the past years.

“This continuity in the community & social partnership with City Centre Rotana Doha confirm the hotel’s belief in the vital role played by Dreama in providing the best services to its children. City Centre Rotana Doha has also extended its invitation for Dreama Center for the repetition and continuation of this kind of vital and meaningful programs for our children,” she added.

On the activation of this program, Mr. Martin Kendall, City Centre Rotana Doha’s General Manager, said “We were amazed to witness the talent of these bright champs when they spent their time with our senior officials. These students were brimming with enthusiasm to learn something new and implement in their professional endeavors. Such initiatives not just reflect our commitment towards being a responsible corporate, they go beyond this… in shaping the future of the country who are enthused with positivity and zeal to learn. We just need to channelize them in the right direction. Partnering with Orphans Care Center (Dreama) has been extremely exhilarating experience and we would keep on taking such measures in the future too.”

Mr. Kendall further said, “While City Centre Rotana Doha is committed to providing hospitality excellence to its guests and visitors, working to enhance our leadership in the field of corporate social responsibility is considered as a key goal through supporting and promoting an environment conducive to health among youth and children.”

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Rotana Hotel Management Corporation

Rotana was founded in 1992, by a partnership between two visionary thinkers, Nasser Al Nowais and Selim El Zyr, who were joined three years later by Nael Hashweh and Imad Elias.

Operating as Rotana, it opened its first property in Abu Dhabi in 1993 and is today one of the leading hotel management companies within the Middle East and North Africa.

Rotana is a company offering the best of both worlds. A unique understanding of the culture and communities of the Middle East combined with the collective expertise of an executive team contributing over 35 years of international experience in the service industry.

Rotana aggressive expansion plans have seen the company grow from 2 properties in 1993 to a total of 70 by 2014. With several further properties planned for opening and new projects in the pipeline confirming the company's intention to have a Rotana managed property in all the major cities throughout the Middle East and North Africa within the next five years. 

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