Department of Finance - Abu Dhabi concludes summer training program for 2012

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Published September 3rd, 2012 - 08:05 GMT
Department of Finance
Department of Finance

The Department of Finance (DoF) - Abu Dhabi recently concluded its summer training program that lasted for two months for students of public higher education institutions. The initiative comes as part of DoF’s efforts to empower young Emiratis in support of local economic development plans in addition to its commitment to develop professional performance and experience in the UAE as per best international practices.

The program is organised by DoF on an annual basis, and aims to provide an opportunity for participants to acquire the necessary initial experience to aid them in joining the workforce in the future. The program focuses on placing the participants in an integrated functional environment in terms of committing to daily attendance, official working hours and on completing required functions including sending and receiving official letters and e-mails.

The high demand received from students to attend training at DoF highlights the solid reputation that the department enjoys among higher education students, where it received 160 applications of which 55 of them were accepted in the Executive Management offices, and the General Directorate of the Support Services, Information Technology Directorate, Commercial and Residential Buildings Loans Directorate, General Directorate of Customs, General Directorate of Government Accounts, as well as Directorate of Government Support.

The program organisers have put together a set of basic principles to construct an integrated training program. The scheme includes principles to encourage teamwork and the dealing and cooperating with the rest of the staff members. Consequently, this will enable participants to expand their acquaintance circle and grants them the experience they need to jump-start their career life.

It should be noted that DoF had previously launched its ’Khebra‘ program, which aims to promote the growth of UAE national youth and to develop their capabilities in addition to developing the skills of a new generation of future leaders. The programme aimed to train participants to take responsibilities and to effectively lead the growth and development that Abu Dhabi seeks to attain through the vision of Abu Dhabi 2030. The ‘Khebra’ training plan extends for six months and includes a variety of training courses.

Background Information

Department of Finance in UAE

The Department of Finance was established in 1962, and it plays a fundamental role in providing Abu Dhabi government entities with the best-in-class financial services and specialized solutions as well as managing available resources efficiently.

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