The Department of Municipal Affairs reviews its strategy for waste management at an International Conference in Muscat

Press release
Published April 2nd, 2013 - 10:25 GMT

In a step designed to exchange knowledge and experience among GCC entities and governmental institutions in the field of waste management, and discussing  the best practice in this industry, a delegation from the Municipal Affairs Governance  Sector in the Department of Municipal Affairs in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (DMA) participated in the 2nd international conference for waste management Muscat 2013 held in the Omani capital recently.

Engineer Thuraya Abbood Al-Adawi from the Municipal Regulation Division in the Municipal Affairs Governance Sector had presented at the conference the strategy for waste management at the DMA and the municipal system experience in waste management and recycling and best practice applied in this field, especially in the building and construction sector which stands to produce a large quantity of waste.

The presentation included also the Waste Management Strategies for Sustainable Urban Environments, saying that Waste management is an integral part of the Sustainable City blueprint and identified the tangible Socio- Economic costs as in terms of purchasing cost of the delivered materials wasted, and Cost of waste storage, transport, treatment and disposal, in addition to the Loss of not selling waste for salvage or not recycling. As far as the intangible Socio- Economic costs, they were defined as the cost of infrastructure used to convey waste ie. roads, pneumatic systems, and the effect on city brand and resultant impact on key economic sectors such as tourism, inward investment and health risk due to conveying waste by road.

The Conference was attended by a large number of regional and international officials and experts in the field of waste management, and covered different issues of waste within the region and the plans in place to tackle and manage all issues related to waste management.