Dubai to Celebrate National Day of Kuwait through Array of Exciting Events

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Published February 21st, 2018 - 09:48 GMT
Ahmed Al Khaja, Chief Executive Officer, DFRE
Ahmed Al Khaja, Chief Executive Officer, DFRE

An array of exciting events and activities will be held in Dubai to celebrate the National Day of the State of Kuwait, which falls on 25 February. The line-up of events for this special occasion reflects the strong and fraternal relations between the UAE and Kuwait and the peoples of both countries.

The celebrations on 24 and 25 February marking Kuwait’s National Day will provide families with exciting entertainment options including concerts featuring Miami Band from Kuwait and singer Bader AlShaibi. There will also be the opportunity to enjoy performances from traditional bands, a unique culinary experience dished out by top Kuwaiti chef, Chef Jameela Al Lenqawi, and a fireworks show at the beach.

The importance attached to the Kuwaiti National Day celebrations on 24 and 25 February is evident by the fact that major events like the concert by Bader AlShaibi, culinary sessions by Chef Jameela and the fireworks show will be held at the Etisalat Beach Canteen, the hub of the annual Dubai Food Festival (DFF).

Ahmed Al Khaja, Chief Executive Officer, DFRE, said: “The range of activities and events that will be held in Dubai to celebrate Kuwait’s National Day speaks volumes of the strong relations that exist between the UAE and Kuwait and will further highlight the values and cultural background that we share. We are also delighted that the celebrations marking Kuwait’s National Day are taking place during our Dubai Food Festival and at Etisalat Beach Canteen, the festival’s central location that is truly tailor-made for families with its own calendar of foodie events and activities.”

Dubai International Airport will also mark the occasion by staging a water salute to aircraft arriving from Kuwait while flowers, Arabic sweets and coffee will be offered to Kuwaiti visitors arriving in Dubai, in keeping with the spirit of Arab hospitality and culture. Major tourism attractions, leading malls and theme parks in Dubai will also participate in the National Day celebrations of Kuwait through various family-oriented activities.

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