Dubai Customs seizes 2kg of prohibited and opioid substances found hidden on board of a vegetables loaded wooden ship

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Published July 7th, 2013 - 09:37 GMT
Dubai Customs
Dubai Customs

Dubai Customs,supported by its highly efficient inspectors and latest inspection techniques provided with accurate information tracking and accumulated operation expertise, have successfully managed to seize at ALHamriyah Port, pellets of prohibited substances found inside two rolls in the command cabin of a vegetables loaded wooden ship coming to the UAE. 

The halted crew along with the seized haul and investigation report were referred to the Anti-Narcotic Department at Dubai Police to proceed necessary legal actions.

Mr Butti AL Zafri, Director of Coastal Customs Centres at Dubai Customs said this successful seizure operation shall be added to Dubai Customs’ history report of successful thwarted rackets and shall also be recorded to the history of Dubai Customs inspectors who proved to demonstrate high security sense, efficiency and highest degree of progress. Dubai Customs always keens to provide latest training programs to its Customs officials who have practically shown perfect capabilities. He added.

Basically on using latest inspection equipment of highly Customs sophisticated IT supports,to purpsely ensuring enhancement of monitoring borders and ports along with advance-use of ancillary and supporting operational machines as within the framework of the security challengeable objectives which Dubai drives to achieve,Inspection teams at Dubai Customs are regularly trained on technics, methods and ways of smuggling and they as well receive training courses on how identifying goods which enter into the lists of prohibited and restricted goods. He explained.

Background Information

Dubai Customs

Dubai Customs is one of the leading government departments taking part in enhancing sustainable development and promoting Dubai’s image worldwide, turning it into a principal capital, business and tourism destination, as it facilitates smooth movement of legitimate trade and leverages economic and social development, the matter which is consistent with its slogan stating "gateway to Dubai’s prosperity", because prosperity is usually based on free trade through a safe, fast and practical environment to meet the needs of people and adapt to their requirements. This in addition to DC’s main role to protect society and borders against those who try to smuggle prohibited substances to or through Dubai threatening the community safety and security.

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