Five Awards Were Presented to the Winners of the Exhibition Competition Innovative Solutions From LG Home Appliances in Saudi Foodex

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Published December 2nd, 2018 - 09:37 GMT
LG has set up a collection of its latest home products at Saudi Foodex 2018.
LG has set up a collection of its latest home products at Saudi Foodex 2018.

LG Electronics participated in the sixth edition of the Foodex Saudi 2018, which was launched in Jeddah under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Nawaf Bin Abdul Aziz, at Jeddah Center for Forums and Events. LG introduced the latest innovative home appliance solutions through its collection of state-of-the-art home appliances.

Eddie Jun, General Manager of LG Electronics Saudi Arabia said: LG's participation in this exhibition emphasizes its commitment to the Saudi community, consumers, and Saudi food enthusiasts so that they can enhance their talent with the best range of products that address their cooking needs and skills. We are delighted to be present at this exhibition, which has proven to be a great success in its previous sessions, making it a key platform for discovering the latest products and technologies in the food industry. LG, as a leader in the home appliances industry, is pleased to offer Saudi chefs the latest products that empower them to advance towards their goal and creativity.

LG has set up a collection of its latest home products at Saudi Foodex 2018, including a 7-door LS314JBGLB multi-door refrigerator with a 30-cubic-inch steel dual-door, which includes a power-saving linear compressor. It has large internal space according to standards required by the Saudi Standards and Metrology Authority, and intelligent storage solutions. The refrigerator features an intelligent diagnostic feature with an internal ice maker and a Bluetooth headset.

During the expo, 7 LG Microwave MS2535GIS were showcased, which has many exciting features, including the smart inverter which helps in rapid cooking of various foods, and work with the constant automatic defrosting, where the ice can be defrosted quickly and easily, making it the most suitable device to prepare all kind of dishes in one wonderful machine. The MS2535GIS LG microwave also reduces the cooking time of all dishes with a power of up to 1200 watts.

The LG booth was well received by exhibitors who gave attention to LG's high-tech household products and innovative solutions that make a perfect fit to any modern home. The winners of the competition at the Saudi Foodex 2018 are to be awarded one of the 5 LH microwaves.

Saudi Foodex 2018 is the only Saudi international exhibition dedicated to 100% of the food and beverage sector. The exhibition provides visitors with the opportunity to learn about food products from more than 30 countries, exchange business and expertise with exhibitors and discover the latest products and technologies in the food industry. On the sidelines of the exhibition, the largest international chef's competition in the Kingdom, “Salon Culinaire”, will be held under the patronage of the International Chefs 'Association and the Saudi Chefs' Table, where professional chefs, who represent the most famous and renowned hotels and restaurants in the Kingdom, compete in 17 categories in a professional atmosphere.

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