Galaxy Note10: 10 Features to Take Note Of

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Published September 17th, 2019 - 06:15 GMT
The arrival of the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ has delivered uses a powerful selection of innovations designed to help them experience the best device experience possible.

The arrival of the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ has delivered uses a powerful selection of innovations designed to help them experience the best device experience possible. Whether they are new to the Note series or long-term fans who just upgraded to the latest edition, the innovative features deliver users’ the ability to customize their phone in ways that work for them and maximize their creative productivity potential. So, to help them get the most out of these devices, here are 10 innovative functions and settings of the Note10 lineup that users should consider when unboxing their new device.

  1. Size to Suit – Available in two sizes for the first time ever, the Note10 comes in a size to suits users’ needs. With the a 6.3-inch Cinematic Infinity Display packed into the most compact Note yet, or the Note10+ – which features the biggest Note display ever with a 6.8-inch Cinematic Infinity Display – users have two powerful options to consider for their next Note series Galaxy device.
  2. Link to Windows – The Galaxy Note10 features Link to Windows integrated directly into its Quick Panel. This means that users can easily connect their Note10 to their Windows 10-based PC and mirror their phone’s screen, send and receive messages, and view notifications – as well as up to 25 recent photos – directly from their computer.
  3. Record the Screen – By making it easier to record what’s on screen, the Note10 offers a picture-in-picture function that allows users, such as vloggers and gamers, to use the front camera to add reactions and commentary to their videos.
  4. Next-Level Productivity – With the power of Note10 in their hands, users can take multitasking to the next level by making Samsung DeX2 even easier to use. This gives users the ability to expand the mobile experience to a Windows PC or Mac with only a simple USB cable.
  5. In Tune With Your Routine – The Note10 series features a truly lifestyle-enhancing feature in the form of Bixby Routines. Ready to go straight from the box, users can enjoy the intelligent and intuitive functions of Bixby Routines, which can optimize device settings based on daily routines such as dimming the screen and activating the Note10s blue light filter, or switching to Wi-Fi when in range to protect data usage.
  6. Enjoy the Connected Galaxy – Seamless integration with the Galaxy ecosystem is a convenient drawcard for many Galaxy device owners, and the Note10 doesn’t disappoint. The Note10 even features an innovative capability to pair and control the new Galaxy Watch Active2, letting users do epic things like take photos via their watch screen.
  7. S Pen Air Actions – The Galaxy Note10 embraces Bluetooth Low Energy- enabled (BLE) gesture controls, which give users the ability to use Air actions to control certain aspects of the device through the S Pen. This means that users can switch camera modes, zoom in and out, or control their favorite music or video players with simple wrists gestures. Additionally, the controls are customizable, so users can link motion to action for a fully tailored and natural experience.
  8. Camera Modes Rearranged – To ensure users never miss the perfect shot the Note10 lets them configure the order of the camera modes to suit their preferences. This enables them to capture incredible photos the way they want to while minimizing the time it takes to access the camera and its numerous shot modes.
  9. Zoom-in Mic – A standout feature of the Note10 is the Zoom-In Mic – an all-new, AI-powered feature that takes zooming to a whole new level by amplifying the sound of audio sources in the camera’s frame. With Zoom-In Mic, users can zoom in on the subject of their video then zoom in on the subject’s voice to amplify the sound and minimize background noise.
  10. Cameras Galore – There truly is a camera for everyone on the Note10. With triple or quad camera setups, users can make the most of pro-grade camera modes and tools all within their hands.

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