HBMSU and Emirates Talent Association Launches 'UAE Explorer Program' Aimed at Creating a New Generation of Distinguished Scientific Minds

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Published February 8th, 2021 - 07:03 GMT
HBMSU and Emirates Talent Association Launches 'UAE Explorer Program' Aimed at Creating a New Generation of Distinguished Scientific Minds
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The Emirates Talent Association, in cooperation with Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU), have officially launched the UAE Explorer program.

The Emirates Talent Association, in cooperation with Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU), have officially launched the UAE Explorer program. The initiative was launched in the presence of H.E. Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chairman of Police, General Security in Dubai, and Chairman of the Emirates Talent Association, and members of the Association's Board of Directors, along with a group of select dignitaries. The attendees praised the program’s role in preparing an Emirati generation of distinguished scientific minds capable to realize the aspirations of the wise leadership aimed at making a positive imprint in the fields of advanced science, technology, and space, as firm pillars to lead the accelerating global changes towards a more prosperous, secure and sustainable future.

The UAE Explorer program is supported and sponsored by businessman Dr. Muhammad Omar bin Haider, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. The program is of extreme importance as a unique scientific and knowledge platform that brings together the best Emirati students from public and private schools in the UAE--equipping them with knowledge and skills related to scientific exploration based on a technology-enhanced approach. It aims to create qualified and creative minds that are capable to face future challenges and turning them into development opportunities to make the UAE one of the most advanced countries in the world.

H.E. Dhahi Khalfan renewed the firm’s commitment to continue investing in the best bright minds as they are the strongest bet that can be relied upon to consolidate the UAE’s leading position in the global competitiveness race. He stressed the importance of the quality program in making local generations qualified scientifically, technologically and cognitively to guide growth, progress and leadership in various fields of advanced sciences, research and development, and space industries.

Khalfan said: “The UAE Explorer adopts an approach reinforced by advanced technologies for young local generations to get their hopes up and stimulate their scientific and knowledge excellence to be a driving force to enhance the UAE's footprint on the map of future sciences, in line with the insightful vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who said ‘The future belongs to nations that empower their youth with advanced sciences.’

Khalfan expressed his appreciation for the efforts made by Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) in preparing the leading initiative according to a methodology that supports the national endeavor to make the UAE a laboratory for advanced sciences, an incubator for scientists and a stimulating environment for scientific research. He praised the cooperation with the Ministry of Education and, and the contributions of Dr. Mohammad Omar bin Haider, who does not hesitate to provide support for the projects of the Emirates Talent Association out of his sincere patriotism and absolute commitment to pushing forward the process of building national energies armed with knowledge, determination and will to realize the aspirations of our wise leadership.

Khalfan added: “The launch of the UAE Explorer program comes at an important time when the UAE is witnessing a historic turning point in its ambitious development process with access to outer space with Emirati arms and minds that we are proud of. We are confident that our new initiative will be a platform to prepare new generations to play a pivotal and distinct role in the fields of science, technology, leadership, knowledge and creativity. We bear in mind to provide them with the necessary tools to make a positive and real change in the knowledge age, based on the pillars of innovation, creativity, technology, research and development, in line with the objectives of the National Innovation Strategy to make our country one of the ten most innovative countries in the world.”

For his part, His Excellency Dr. Mansoor Al Awar, Chancellor of HBMSU, said: “The uniqueness of the UAE Explorer Program can be attributed to its innovative tools of equipping younger Emiratis with scientific exploration skills by leveraging advanced technologies. The UAE’s continued major achievements in the areas of science, technology and space, and the nation’s prestigious position as the fourth country to explore Mars, increase everyone’s responsibility in terms of ensuring that future generations will have the tools to advance. This pioneering program has been developed in line with the efforts to empower national talents and prepare them in playing major roles in the advancement of knowledge and technological innovation worldwide in line with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and President of HBMSU, to dedicate available resources for the promotion of advanced sciences and the foundation of building knowledge and shaping the future, while relying on strong pillars to ensure continued development and advancement.”      

“The program reflects our wise leadership’s vision that investment in the future begins with preparing qualified young generations to reach new levels of excellence. To this end, we strive to develop the mechanism of training and education by enhancing scientific exploration skills among citizens and training their minds to face future challenges, while focusing on dedication, emotional flexibility, personal skills, leadership competencies, among others. At HBMSU, we look forward towards accomplishing this program’s goals in partnership with the Emirates Talent Association and the Ministry of Education, as we all share the aspirations to building generations of pioneering national scientists, equipped with knowledge to compete globally in the areas of advanced sciences, most prominently space, and driven by the principle that ‘impossible is nothing,’ which has become a well-established culture in the UAE,” HE concluded.  

The UAE Explorer Program aims at providing Emirati learners with the knowledge and skills needed for scientific exploration and observation, along with the ability to apply scientific methods to solve simple problems in all basic sciences, including chemistry, biology, physics, and math. The program focuses on building capacities to face the current challenges in sustainability, disease prevention and control, space sciences and smart cities, as well as fostering decision making across different scientific disciplines. Furthermore, the program prioritizes increasing learners’ awareness about their ability to conduct scientific and practical experiments to become skillful in scientific inquiry, along with optimally preparing them to accomplish long-term achievements by presenting challenges designed to promote their dedication, emotional flexibility, and personal and leadership skills.    

The UAE Explorer Program covers the scientific fields of math, physics, biology, and chemistry, and follows a well-defined, multi-phased schedule and approach that is specifically designed to employ various techniques to promote education and training for building an innovative and creative generation to achieve success and excellence in scientific innovation and creativity, which are considered key elements in shaping the 21st century. The Emirati learners participating in the program will prepare their final projects and submit them by next November, coinciding with the country's golden jubilee celebrations and the launch of the Expo 2020 Dubai, which will constitute an optimal platform to throw a spotlight on promising national talents in front of the whole world.  

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