Huawei Commends German Governments Higher and Consistent Security Standards for All Vendors

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Published October 22nd, 2019 - 11:11 GMT
Huawei HQ
Huawei HQ
ermany unveiled Catalog of Security Requirements has set technology-neutral cyber security standards that apply to all vendors.

Recently, Germany unveiled Catalog of Security Requirements for Operating Telecommunication System and Data Processing System as well as for Processing Personal Data According to Section 109 of Telecommunication Act, Version 2.0. Germany has set technology-neutral cyber security standards that apply to all vendors. Steffen Seibert, Spokesman of the Federal Government and Head of the Federal Press Office reiterated that Germany will not exclude any vendor, and will set higher cyber security standards that will apply to all vendors.

Germany has set higher and consistent security standards for all vendors. Advanced declarations and process-based inspections will be adopted, and all vendors are equally and fairly welcome to participate in the construction of 5G networks if they fulfill the security requirements. This fact- and standards-based approach is of exemplary significance for addressing global cyber security challenges.

Huawei spokesperson told media they welcome the move the German Government has taken to create a level playing field for 5G network vendors and that a fully competitive digital infrastructure market will drive industry digitalization and digital economic development in Germany, bringing more advanced and convenient information services and experiences to consumers.

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