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Published August 28th, 2013 - 07:01 GMT

Member of the Al Futtaim group of companies, global furnishing retailer IKEA has launched their 62nd annual Catalogue, of which this is the 24th edition available for the UAE. The oldest marketing tool for the brand, the Catalogue is also considered to be one of the most widely circulated publications across the globe.

This year, the 324 page Catalogue emphasizes on the youngest members of our family to urge the importance of family time. It draws inspiration from the ‘The Play Report’ – a study conducted by IKEA of 11,000 households in 25 countries on parenting, children and the state of play. The report brings to light interesting facts around how children perceive play time and bonding with parents. 73% of children aged 7-12 surveyed would rather play with their parents than watch television and more than 50% of the parents interviewed agree that play is when they and their children lose all sense of time.

Built around insights such as these, IKEA aims to provide smart home furnishing solutions to encouragefamilies to come together. To support this shift in focus, the Catalogue flows with beautiful ideas and inspirations sparking a new generation of creativity and imaginationto make room for ‘moments’ because we believe ‘moments’ are, in fact, ‘memories’. It’s all part of creating a better everyday life at home – the most important playground for the most important people in the world.

The Catalogue also highlights each area of the home individually experimenting with the various IKEA style families of modern, traditional, Scandinavian and popular to create spreads that inspire. 2014 continues to stay true to IKEA’s strong brand value of offering great home furnishings and ideas at a good value to the many. Prices listed in the Catalogue are valid for a period of a year and should they change, can only go lower. Customers will now find “NEW Lower Price” tags highlighting products that are now available at a price even lower than before.

John Kersten, Managing Director, IKEA-UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman said, “For more than 40 years, IKEA has worked with families, and this year we’re focused on the core of it all – being together. Research has shown us what we have always known – children love spending time with adults. This year IKEAfocuses on building our world around ourchildren and includingand embracing them in our everyday lives.”

“More than ever before, the IKEA Catalogue comes with additional tools that guide customers through what can be a challenging task of creating the perfect home. Beyond our conventional expertise of creating solutions, we have gone a step further to highlight versatile designs and products. The Catalogue even encourages customers to engage with us beyond the paper Catalogue and through digital mediums,” added John.

The 2014 IKEA Catalogue comes equipped with interesting icons over select images. While some signs highlight new products, others denote unconventional, fun and smart home furnishing tips.

The NEW Lower Price icon, for example, brings to focus products that are now available at a price lower to that in the past. Another interesting feature, the ‘scan’ function, invites customers to scan certain pages of the Catalogue using the free app to access extended content available online.Extended content includes image galleries, 3D visuals, seamless interaction and full screen films, among many other exciting features. Probably the highlight of the IKEA Catalogue app, the option of augmented reality unlockseven deeper and richer content. This amazing feature is designed to take the reader beyond the world of paper – bringing the Catalogue to life allowing customers to scan the Catalogue, choose from 100 products and create furniture set up in their immediate surroundings. 

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There’s so much to know about IKEA beyond our low-price furniture. From our sustainable sourcing of cotton and wood, to our stance on human rights; what it’s like to work for IKEA, to our democratic design approach.

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