Industry Experts Tackle the Latest Economic and Market Challenges Affecting Commodity Trading During the Sixth ‘Global Commodity Outlook Conference’

Press release
Published February 10th, 2019 - 02:04 GMT
Paresh Kotecha, Chairman and Managing Director of Richcomm
Paresh Kotecha, Chairman and Managing Director of Richcomm

DMCC, the world’s leading Free Zone for commodities trade and enterprise in Dubai, and Richcomm Global Services, the Dubai-based international commodity services company, welcomed industry experts today at the sixth edition of the ‘Global Commodity Outlook Conference’ (GCOC).

Held in collaboration with DGCX (Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange), the region’s largest and most diversified derivatives bourse, under the theme: ‘Seeking Alpha – Investing in Commodity and Alternative Assets’, the event gathered over 200 commodity and investment professionals at the Almas Conference Centre (ACC) in Almas Tower, Dubai.

The conference was attended by a number of high-profile government representatives and delegates including H.E. Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Saleh, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Economy for Foreign Trade and Industry, and H.E. Navdeep Suri, Ambassador of India to the UAE.

In his opening remarks, H.E. Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Saleh, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Economy for Foreign Trade and Industry, said: “Despite uncertain prospects in global markets and fluctuations in oil prices, the UAE economy is surging ahead. Strong fiscal stimulus, both at the federal and emirate level, as well as the Expo 2020-related infrastructure push, should see the country benefit from a surge in FDI, estimated at 15 per cent for 2019. Recent landmark investment reforms as well as the UAE’s strategic location and its introduction of business-friendly laws are further increasing the ease of doing business and cementing the country’s position as the Middle East’s most diversified economy.

H.E. Navdeep Suri, Ambassador of India to the UAE: According to the IMF, the Indian economy is projected to grow 7.6% in 2019. In 2013, we were ranked 190 by the World Bank’s indicator for “ease of doing business”. Last year, we rose to the 77th place - no country has ever climbed that far in such a short timeframe. We recognise that there is no country better positioned than the UAE to take advantage of the Indian growth story. Our strategic partnerships with the UAE began decades ago and we are confident that bilateral relations will continue to strengthen in the coming years, particularly in the fields of energy and investments.

Gautam Sashittal, Chief Executive Officer, DMCC, added:“We are witnessing numerous geo-political events unfolding concurrently – Brexit, US government shutdown, the rise of populism and nationalism in Europe and South America – to name a few. As such, it is challenging to predict the impact on the global economy, on trade, on the supply/demand of commodities and on the price outlook for commodities. However, at DMCC, we remain committed to attracting, facilitating and promoting trade and in turn, supporting Dubai’s economic growth journey and secure its status as a global commercial hub.

Paresh Kotecha, Chairman and Managing Director of Richcomm: We must recognise that we have a challenging year coming ahead with the current shifting political landscape, as well as continuous market volatility. In addition, trade is rapidly evolving due to the rise of blockchain and other technologies; and therefore, we need to adapt fairly quickly. Despite this chaotic backdrop, we have two aligned nations, the UAE and India, which are capable of coping with this uncertainty and realising untapped opportunities, while focusing on growth prospects.”

The conference kicked off with discussions around the global economic and energy outlook moderated by Les Male, CEO of DGCX. The next session focused on agriculture commodities namely tea, coffee, grains and oilseeds followed by a panel of experts making the business case for sustainability and the importance of responsible global citizenship.

Background Information

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority

DMCC is a government entity established in 2002 to enhance commodity trade flows through Dubai. We perform a range of roles which continue to position Dubai as the preferred destination for global commodities trade and DMCC as the world’s No.1 Free Zone.

القاهرة: مخترق حساب المستشارة مروة بركات من عناصر "لواء الثورة"

Published February 23rd, 2019 - 11:35 GMT
مخترق حساب المستشارة، مروة بركات، عنصر من عناصر جماعة لواء الثورة الهارب إلى تركيا
مخترق حساب المستشارة، مروة بركات، عنصر من عناصر جماعة لواء الثورة الهارب إلى تركيا

كشف مؤسس "الجيش المصري الإلكتروني"، الرائد خالد أبو بكر، في تصريح لقناة "RT" أن مخترق حساب المستشارة، مروة بركات، عنصر من عناصر جماعة لواء الثورة الهارب إلى تركيا، بلال حسام.

وأشار أبو بكر إلى أن بلال حسام من أخطر الهاكرز المنتمين لحركة "حسم"، مضيفا أن خروجه من مصر رغم خطورته يعد "تقصيرا يجب محاسبة المسؤول عنه، خاصة أن له ارتباطات قوية بالأذرع الإعلامية لجماعة الإخوان المحظورة وبأجهزة مخابرات قطر وتركيا".

وقال أبو بكر في تصريحاته أنه سبق له أن نبه إلى خطورة تلك الأذرع الإعلامية، التي تثير الشائعات والفتن داخل مصر، مشيرا إلى أنه "يجب تعقبها وتقديمها إلى العدالة".

هذا وجرى ضبط بلال حسام في وقت سابق وحبسه، وقد تمكن من الدخول إلى تركيا بعد هروبه للسودان.

تجدر الإشارة إلى أن منشورا ظهر في صفحة مروة بركات على "فيسبوك"، قبل ساعات من تنفيذ حكم الإعدام بحق 9 أشخاص أُدينوا بقتل أبيها النائب العام المصري، هشام بركات، وجاء في نصه ما يلي: "شهادة أمام الله، عرفت أن في شباب في قضية اغتيال بابا هيتعدموا قريب.. أنا هقول اللي جوايا وأمري لله لأن دي أرواح ناس زي روح بابا.. الولاد دول مش هما اللي قتلوا بابا وهيموتوا ظلم الحقوهم واقبضوا على القتلة الحقيقيين".

وبعد فتح تحقيق في ذلك تم التوصل إلى أن صفحة ابنة النائب العام هشام بركات، الذي تم اغتياله عام 2015، جرى اختراقها من قبل هاكرز.



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