KADDB and KIG participation at SOFEX 2012

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Published May 9th, 2012 - 05:03 GMT

Under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II, The King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) along with its Investment Group (KIG) and its affiliates have announced their participation in the 9th edition of the Special Operations Exhibition and Conference (SOFEX 2012) that shall commence today, May 8th and lasts for 3 days with a 3600sqm booth (Hall 5).

KADDB’s side of the hall displays the capabilities of the Bureau in a story line manner where an idea is initiated as a concept in the Design and Development Department and produced into reality after going through the required tests in the internationally accredited Test and Evaluation Centre. 

The projects displayed include an upgraded version of the MAP (Multipurpose Armoured Vehicle),  mini Unmanned Ground Vehicle, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Stallion II Vehicle, Ford 550 (a mobile surveillance vehicle), Remote Weapon Station, Coastal Remote Weapon Station, Pan and Tilt project, as well as the ATV, all-terrain vehicle which has been launched during the exhibition and shall be part of  the Live Demonstration in all days of the event.  It is worth mentioning that KADDB has already received orders for 50 ATVs from different entities.

This side of the hall also includes an area for the Defence Technology Course that is conducted twice a year in collaboration with Cranfield University of the UK. 

Moreover, and for the first time ever in a defence exhibition, KADDB shall be showcasing 5 of the projects that are done collaboratively with students of Jordanian Universities.  These projects shall include a Voice Command Robotic Arm, a Coordinate Measuring Arm, the Desert Fox vehicle, an Autonomous Intelligent Vision Camera System for Surveillance Applications, and a Remote Meter Reading using the existing mobile network multipurpose meter design.

Moving over to the KADDB Investment Group side of the booth, it starts with the Automotive and Industrial Cluster, which aims at fulfilling the needs and requirements of its clients in matters of light and heavy vehicle armouring in addition to other related industrial solutions.  The products exhibited under the companies in this cluster include a wide range of vehicles for Jordan Light Vehicle Manufacturing (JLVM) (A504); the Command and Control Vehicle, VIP Ambulance, Hunter Protected Personnel Vehicle, IVECO Long Range Mobile Armoured Vehicle, in addition to the latest edition of Al Jawad Vehicle (Mark III).

Jordan Manufacturing and Services Solutions (JMSS) (A507) is exhibiting an Armoured Personnel Carrier, Armoured Guard and Monitoring Booth, a Portable Armoured Booth, a Sniper Monitoring System, an Electronic Outdoor Live Shooting Training System, a model displaying the Rehabilitation of Dredger Work Boat.

Jordan Advanced Machining Company (Jordan AMCO)’s area (A506) includes a variety of products that show the high precision capabilities available at the company, these products range from various models of ring mounts to a Pedestal Mount, Picatinny Rail for M60 and M60E3 Machine Guns with a weight of 370gm, Swing Arm, different options of Weapon Mounts, and the latest addition to the portfolio of the company is the track shoes for M109, M110, and M113 Military Vehicles.

The last company of this cluster is CLS Jordan (A505); which is displaying the remanufacturing capabilities of electrical components, as well harnesses for Military and Civilian use.

Further on in the booth, the Supplementary Cluster shall be represented by JoSecure International (A508), a security solutions provider to local and regional customers for personnel and assets protection, and the KADDB Industrial Park (KIP) (A509), which acts as the hub for the affiliates as a free zone incubator, that provides all the investment logistics and privileges to its  clients.

By the establishment of the Arms and Ammunition Cluster, the KADDB Investment Group has covered a major aspect of the defence industry, where various products and calibres shall be manufactured for different requirements.  This cluster is represented at SOFEX by Jordan Ammunition Manufacturing and Services Company (JORAMMO) (A511), and JADARA Equipment & Defence Systems Company PSC. (JRESCO) (A510) the manufacturer of the Nashab, RPG 32, which has been designed to provide extended range although it is in the short range category.  The company has a live simulation area to display the features and capabilities of the product.  Aselsan Middle East (A512), the most recent affiliate of the KADDB Investment Group, is also be part of this Cluster.

The Aerospace Services in the booth (A513) are represented in 3 projects; the Jordan-ATK Gunship Programme, a new service centre that is going to be announced during the exhibition in partnership with L3 Wescam, and “Lanner Aeronautics center”, which is a joint project with the Jordanian Aeronautical Systems Company (JAC) and Daedalus Aviation Group of the Netherlands.  

Last but not least, the Troops Products Cluster, which is represented by 4 companies in the exhibition, focuses on providing the ultimate personal solutions for the user, whether a civilian, security or a military personnel.  The fields covered by this cluster vary between the personnel protection products to feeding the troops in and outside the field. Arab Ready Meals (ARM) (A514), a food solution provider for the defence industry, and humanitarian missions, is the first of these companies, it is displaying samples of the MREs, which are customised based on the requirements of the clients, all of which are highly durable, combat proven, and cost effective, with ethnic and nutritious considerations.  Moreover, the Jordanian Company for Manufacturing Special Boots (Terraqueous) (A516) is exhibiting a wide range of special boots with superior features where different climates and terrains are taken into consideration.  As for NP Composites (A517), it displays a variety of helmets, vests and ballistic plates.  Wild Things Tactical of the US is also exhibiting under the Troops Products Cluster.

KADDB and the KADDB Investment Group consider SOFEX a prime opportunity for showcasing the majority of their projects, products and services, and for interacting with leaders of the defence industry.  KADDB and the Group shall announce several agreements and launch new products during this event.

Background Information

King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau

King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) is an independent government entity within the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) aiming at becoming a global defense and security research and development hub in the region. The Bureau’s scope of work includes Defense Design and Development, Test and Evaluation, Technology Incubation in the Kingdom, and Defense Technology Training.

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