KIB sponsors disabled fencing championship final

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Published January 10th, 2023 - 06:50 GMT
KIB sponsors disabled fencing championship final
As part of its pioneering social responsibility program
Kuwait International Bank (KIB) has sponsored the Disabled Fencing Championship final (Failaka One) which is organized by the Kuwait Disabled Sports Club.

As part of its comprehensive social responsibility strategy, Kuwait International Bank (KIB) has sponsored the Disabled Fencing Championship final (Failaka One) which is organized by the Kuwait Disabled Sports Club. KIB’s pioneering social responsibility program has long focused on empowering people with disabilities, supporting them and sponsoring the activities and initiatives offered to them, in the Bank’s absolute belief of them being an integral group of the Kuwaiti society. 

In his comments on the occasion, Fahad Al Sarhan, Senior Manager from the Marketing Department and the Corporate Communications Unit at KIB, said “We are proud to sponsor the Fencing Championship for People with Disabilities, which affirms the bank's steady commitment to caring for people with disabilities in all fields, whether sports, health or raising awareness. This is our duty towards an important social group, to which we seek to provide support, assistance and encouragement to, as we continue to work to highlight its contribution to the development and advancement of society.

Al Sarhan further added: “KIB attaches special importance to people with disabilities, and this is evident in its many initiatives and activities, from providing banking services and products that meet the needs of people of determination, to organizing special awareness programs for them to spread banking and financial culture in a way that enhances their comprehensive knowledge of various banking transactions and processes to protect them from piracy and fraud”.

The championship’s final for people with disabilities (Damj) took place  at Failaka Island, in cooperation with the Kuwait Disabled Sports Club and under the supervision of Kuwait champion Tariq Al-Qallaf. The tournament sought to promote the full integration of this very important segment into society, leveraging their capabilities and skills for the benefit of society.

It is worth noting that supporting sports initiatives remains a cornerstone of KIB's social responsibility program, as the Bank seeks to organize and sponsor various sporting activities and events in Kuwait. The Bank also works to support and spread the culture of practicing sports in the community, and to enhance the level of Kuwaiti sports, which abounds with many ambitious young athletes, who have accomplished many achievements and in made Kuwait proud in various international forums.

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